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Posted: 6/4/2012
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Carozzi Chilean Food Company Completes Projects 25 Percent Faster with Easy-to-Use Solution

To standardize its project management methodology and tools, Chilean food company Carozzi deployed Microsoft Project Professional 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, and the BrightWork project management application. Project managers became productive on the solution within 30 days and are completing projects 25 percent faster. They can give all stakeholders instant insight into project health and are able to handle increasingly complex projects with less risk.

Business Needs

Carozzi is a 113-year-old Chilean food company that manufactures food products—about 1,800 in all—including pasta, cookies, juices, and desserts. Carozzi products are sold throughout South America and in the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

* Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and BrightWork are a great solution for us because of their low cost, familiar interface and the fact that they give us a smooth path to Microsoft Project Server. *

Erwin Fiebig
Project Management Office

The company’s IT staff manages about 60 projects across three countries at any given time but lacked a standard project management methodology and tool. Spreadsheets just weren’t sufficient to keep track of a growing number of increasingly complex projects. Project managers had a tough time keeping their team members and business stakeholders up-to-date. They spent hours in meetings on the phone, and sending email messages to request and relay information. The average project finished 40 percent over budget, costing Carozzi U.S.$300,000 annually in project manager overtime.

“We are trendsetters in most areas of IT, but project management was our weak link,” says Erwin Fiebig, Manager of the Project Management Office at Carozzi. “We always managed to resolve problems, but no one really knew at what cost. We needed a standard, more transparent project management methodology that we could implement in IT and later roll out to all project teams. However, we needed an easy-to-use, nondisruptive solution that our busy project managers and executives could use without a lot of training.”


Carozzi looked at enterprise project management solutions but found them too sophisticated for its needs. Instead, it selected Microsoft Project Professional 2010 as its desktop project management solution. For back-end collaboration, it chose Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and BrightWork, a project management solution from a company of the same name. BrightWork integrates with SharePoint Server 2010 and provides a structured workplace for launching projects, sharing information, and managing projects using graphical reports and dashboards.

“We liked Project Professional and BrightWork, because we could start using them within a few days,” Fiebig says. Carozzi initially hosted the BrightWork and SharePoint Server software with BrightWork, which contributed to the rapid deployment. Later, Carozzi will move both programs in-house for better response times and more customization options. Project managers learned the solution very quickly, because all components share the familiar Microsoft Office interface.

To create new projects, Carozzi project managers can select from a variety of BrightWork templates. BrightWork creates a corresponding SharePoint site for all documentation, schedules, and contacts. All authorized team members can access the site and check off tasks as they are completed. This way, project managers can instantly see the status of all tasks.

Company executives and other stakeholders can view dashboards that show them at a glance where projects are. They can also drill down for more detail on budgets and schedules.

Today, 10 project managers in the IT department and 12 business stakeholders use the solution to manage about 60 projects. Carozzi plans to roll out the solution beyond IT within the next three years and deploy Microsoft Project Server 2010 for project portfolio management.


Since deploying its new solution, Carozzi has completed projects faster, increased productivity, and improved project insight. Staff members needed no training to use the solution and are better equipped to handle increasingly complex projects.

Completes Projects 25 Percent Faster

Since implementing the solution, Carozzi has been able to complete projects 25 percent faster. “When we reach our targeted project completion goals, we expect to reduce overtime costs by at least $360,000 a year and move faster in our markets,” says Adolfo Salvatierra, Chief Information Officer at Carozzi.

Improves Productivity and Insight

Carozzi project managers have instant access to project status from one graphical console, which eliminates the need for constant phone calls and email messages to hunt down information. Everyone on the team is informed immediately of any changes, which is especially helpful to teams and executives who work on projects that span multiple countries. Even stakeholders who are not part of a project team can view project dashboards on the project SharePoint site.

Project managers can create a project status report in minutes rather than the three weeks that was required before. And because project information is available online, Carozzi has been able to eliminate about 20 hours of meetings a month.

Achieves Rapid Adoption

Carozzi deployed the solution in less than a week and had all 22 users up and running within 30 days with no training.“Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and BrightWork are a great solution for us because of their low cost, familiar interface, and the fact that they give us a smooth path to Microsoft Project Server,” Fiebig says. “This solution was not intrusive, and our users were comfortable from day one. They got up to speed quickly because SharePoint Server and Project Professional are similar to the Microsoft Office programs they already use.”

Manages More Complex Projects

Carozzi is growing rapidly, mostly by acquiring smaller firms, and the number and complexity of its projects are increasing. “Our employees now have the tools to manage an increasing level of complexity with less risk and fewer errors,” says Salvatierra. “Our staff’s familiarity with Project Professional, SharePoint Server, and BrightWork will provide a natural bridge to Project Server, which will enable us to gain still more advanced capabilities with no disruption to our operations.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 10000 employees

Organization Profile

Carozzi is a Chilean food company with manufacturing operations in three countries and sales around the world. Carozzi has 10,000 employees and revenues of U.S.$1.3 billion.

Software and Services
Microsoft Project Server 2010

Vertical Industries
Consumer Goods


Business Need
  • Cost Containment
  • Enterprise Project Management