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Accessibility help and learning center

View accessibility resources, tools, and educational materials for Microsoft products.

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Microsoft Teams accessibility

Find guidance and best practices for accessible meetings, chat and collaboration across your teams.

Windows accessibility

Need help with Microsoft Windows? You’ve come to the right place for accessibility information.

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Office accessibility center

Find step-by-step instructions for using Microsoft Office with assistive technologies.

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Microsoft keyboard shortcuts

Get the most out of your Microsoft products using just your keyboard. With keyboard shortcuts you can quickly navigate and work more efficiently.

Creating accessible content

Before sending your document, PowerPoint or email, check to make sure your content is accessible to everyone.

Make things easier to see

Learn how to enable Magnifier in Windows or use color and contrast to assist with your viewing experience.

Microsoft Accessibility on YouTube

Learn more about accessibility concepts, technology, and terminology, including how to contribute to a more accessible environment for others around you.

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If you have enterprise-related questions, contact Commercial support. For questions about accessibility with enterprise or commercial products, please visit the enterprise Disability Answer Desk.