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Apps and workflow automation

Get the most from Microsoft Teams with built-in apps that make your processes more efficient and automate workflows.

Maximize hybrid work productivity with apps in Teams

Add partner or custom apps, bots, automated workflows, and dashboards.

Choose from more than 700 apps

Connect the apps that streamline your work.

Build custom apps

Create apps that are right for you—even with little or no development experience.

Work smarter, not harder

Boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Do more with apps and workflow automations

Save time by adding the services you use most or create your own apps for the ultimate customized experience.

A desk setup with a laptop and monitor displaying a presentation being given over a Teams video call and a text chat in Teams.

App offerings that do more

Learn how connecting and building apps to use with Teams can transform your processes and workflows.

A person working at their desk with a laptop and two desktop monitors.

Productivity and project management apps

Easily navigate complex projects using process automation apps and tools—a project manager’s dream.

A custom built app for a team in Teams showing a joinable meeting in the chat.

Industry-specific apps

Address industry-specific needs with custom-built apps.

A Sales channel in a Store Portal on Teams.

Business department apps

Manage everyday responsibilities with job-specific apps.

Two people sitting at a desk participating in a Teams video call on a laptop connected to multiple monitors.

Custom, low-code apps

Quickly build custom apps and digital tools for Teams that digitize processes, improve efficiency, and provide AI-driven insights.

A person working at their desk on a laptop and desktop monitors and speaking with a coworker next to them.

Professional developer apps

Develop custom app solutions to meet your business needs with developer tools, extensibility points, UI Elements, and APIs.

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By digitizing manufacturing processes using Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, Johnson Controls created the Smart Factory app.

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Boots Opticians improves communication

By using Teams, Boots Opticians helped improve collaboration and communication between its central operations team, retails stores, and remote staff.

An optical store and two hands holding a phone displaying event info in Teams.

Frequently asked questions

  • Apps are a great way to find content from your favorite services and share it with others. A few examples include pinning services to the top of a channel, chatting with bots, and sharing and assigning tasks. Whether you’re looking to connect Salesforce, DocuSign, or Adobe Acrobat, our extensive app selection likely offers a new way to access the services you already use every day.

  • To search for a specific app, go to our full list of Teams apps.

  • Custom Teams apps are simple to create, even for non-developers. To learn how, go to the Teams developer platform for step-by-step tutorials that don’t require extensive coding.

  • We appreciate you taking the time to tell us what’s working and what could use improvement. To send feedback, Open Teams and select Help. Then choose Suggest a feature or Give feedback.

  • Explore more guidance about Teams apps on our apps and services support page.

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