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Microsoft Teams is now faster and simpler than ever.

Discover what’s possible

Instant messaging

Keep the team instantly connected no matter where the work takes you with Microsoft Teams.

Get more done with Microsoft Teams

Your modern workplace at home, in the office, and on the go

Connect with the people and information you need and collaborate more efficiently with the redesigned Teams—now faster and simpler than ever.

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Communicate and collaborate in real time

Use Microsoft Teams chat to instantly connect and stay engaged anywhere, anytime.

Instantly connect

Message a colleague directly, send a group chat to the team, hop on a call, or share your screen.

Take conversations anywhere

Record voice messages while you’re on the go and reply to an instant chat from your mobile device.1

Keep the team focused

Organize your conversations, files, and apps in one place to keep the team in sync.

Reduce email clutter

Move email threads into quick chats. Share photos and documents with one person or the team for real time collaboration.

Get the most out of instant messaging

Remove communication barriers so your team can seamlessly brainstorm together, capture messages, share updates, and express ideas.

  • A laptop displaying a Teams video call with the chat open on the right side of the screen.

    Instant messaging features

    Discover a few key chat features from Microsoft Teams.

    A text chat being sent in Teams with an Excel sheet attached to the message.

    Rich text editing

    Deliver clear messages using titles, bullet points, links, and quotes. Format text with highlight, italics, and other options.

    A table being edited in real-time by multiple contributors in Teams.

    Chat translation

    Foster collaboration with team members around the world and ensure everyone has a voice with inline message translation.

    A video of a video clip being edited and sent in a Teams message.

    Video clip

    Express yourself and deliver a more personal touch. Record, send and view a video clip in your chat and respond back with one of your own.

    A text reminder to contact a coworker sent to self on Teams.

    Chat with self

    Draft a message, store important notes, media, and files to access and share at a later time.

    Emoji reactions opened in Teams.

    GIFs and stickers

    Share your personality, opinions, and emotions with GIFS, stickers, and a new expanded list of reactions in messages.

    A person using a mobile phone displaying Teams chats.

    Priority notifications

    Mark messages as important to get your team’s attention or continually send urgent notifications every two to 20 minutes.

    A person using their laptop to message on Teams in a conference room.


    Use @mentions to call a team member’s attention and to stay on top of your action items by filtering your activity feed.

    A desktop view of a message being scheduled in Teams.

    Schedule send

    Manage the delivery of your chat message for a future date while being mindful of the recipient's work hours. Not the right message or time? Edit and delete the message before it arrives.

    A user exploring suggested replies in a chat in Teams.

    Suggested replies

    Use suggested replies for mindless routine responses. Simply choose a suggested response and reply in one click.

    A group chat between three coworkers in Teams.

    Group chat

    Bring more people into your conversation and share the chat history and files, express yourself with GIFs, and make group calls.

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Bring friends and family together with chat in Microsoft Teams

Stay connected to people even when you’re apart. Keep up with all your chats, calls, and plans—all in one place—in Teams.

Bring plans to life with chat

Get more done and have more fun together—both one-on-one or in groups. Assign and manage tasks, share photos and files, and schedule calls directly in Teams chat.

A child showing a parent a tablet while the parent is working at their desk in the living room.

Chat, call, and share in one place

Have all your chats in the same app. Schedule video calls and invite anyone. Create to-do lists and view assigned tasks. Stay connected and organized in Teams chat.

People in a conference room with a Teams video call being displayed on the television behind them.

Frequently asked questions

  • Instant messaging (IM) is text-based communication where two or more people participate in a real-time conversation over their computers or mobile devices.

  • Teams has an instant messaging platform with features such as instant chat, emojis, GIFs, rich-text editing, threaded conversations, plus the ability to share files.

  • Teams makes collaborating in group projects easy with chat, online video meetings, threaded conversations, and file sharing.

  • Teams instant messaging helps you stay connected with team members in remote work locations, supports real-time group communication, and promotes team engagement through video meetings and real-time conversations.

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[1] Availability of mobile apps varies by country/region.
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