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A collage of reactions and smiling faces on Teams.

Apps for meetings

Create more interactive, engaging, and productive meetings by incorporating your favorite apps.

Run engaging and collaborative meetings with apps

Unlock the full potential of your meetings by making the experience interactive, engaging, and productive for everyone.

Stay in the flow of work

Interact with apps before, during, and after your meetings for a productive and continuous workflow.

Make your meetings dynamic

Get the most out of your meeting with apps for agenda prep, note-taking, and capturing action items.

Accomplish more together

Make your meetings interactive and engaging with apps that support brainstorming and collaboration.

Real-time problem solving

Bring content and data from apps into meetings, collect feedback, and accelerate decision-making.

Work smarter with Teams apps for meetings

See how simple it is to get started with apps for Teams meetings.

  • A Teams video call with 5 participants.

    Get started before your meeting

    Prepare for a productive meeting in advance. Bring apps into your meeting schedule to map out the flow.

    A Design Webinar attendance report

    Schedule and share

    Add an app to your scheduled online meeting so everyone can prepare for a productive and engaging conversation.

    Details for a Marketing Sync meeting in Teams including an agenda and a OneNote file attached.

    Plan your agenda and tasks early

    Use apps to set your agenda, add tasks, and prepare notes.

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  • A Kanban board being shared in a Teams meeting that is being recorded.

    Bring energy and interactivity into your meeting

    Make your meetings inclusive and engaging with apps that let everyone participate and contribute.

    A Q3 Sales Report being presented in a Teams meeting and participants are using reactions to show excitement.

    Add an app for any meeting scenario

    Easily find and add apps to scheduled or in-the-moment meetings.

    A Teams video call with the content sharing options open over the call.

    Engage in real-time collaboration and co-authoring

    Enhance collaboration and brainstorming by sharing content onto the main meeting stage.

    A Design Webinar attendance report

    Get instant feedback

    Engage with your audience using polls, surveys, and quizzes.

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  • The recording and transcript of a Marketing Sync meeting

    Stay engaged after the meeting

    Use your app to view and follow-up on meeting results.

    Details of a Marketing Sync meeting in Teams showing a completed agenda, and notes, a PowerPoint presentation and Whiteboard from the meeting.

    Share meeting notes

    After the meeting, circulate meeting notes and results captured by the apps.

    Details being filled in for a Marketing Sync meeting in Teams.

    Keep attendees informed

    Chat with attendees before the meeting and provide updates on the agenda.

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Choose from a wide range of Teams meetings apps

Find the apps you need for your meetings today

Visit the Teams Store and explore apps designed specifically for meetings.

Frequently asked questions

  • An online meeting is between two or more participants and provides audio, as well as optional video, input, and output.

  • A meeting app is a software platform used during an online meeting to enhance collaboration and workflow.

  • Teams meeting apps help facilitate collaboration, enhance team productivity, and drive results during and after a meeting.

  • Hybrid work, remote work, and working from home have increased dramatically so being able to effectively communicate and collaborate in an online meeting is important for productivity, participation, and morale.

  • You can access Teams apps on your mobile device the same way you access the meeting apps on your desktop.

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