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Customize and extend your frontline platform with workforce management

Increase your organization’s performance with solutions that support frontline workers from shift scheduling to communication.

Give your managers and workers the staff scheduling tools they need

Help your employees save time and increase your company’s productivity by streamlining processes with workforce management (WFM).

Create your own customized Shifts solution

Leverage Microsoft Graph APIs to pull Shift data into your staffing systems and provide frontline workers with all the information they need in one place.

Design your scheduling system to work the way you need it to

Harness production ready, open-source, and customizable Shifts connectors to make scheduling seamless for your business.

Easily connect to your existing workforce management system

Use our production-ready integrations for workforce management solutions from Blue Yonder and Zebra-Reflexis to easily connect your systems and get started.*

Benefits of workforce management (WFM)

From disconnected solutions to a fragmented end user experience, there are endless benefits to changing the way you are managing your workforce with Microsoft Shifts and workforce management partners.

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Cultivate your workforce

Drive commitment and retention with an easy-to-use workforce management interface designed to support worker autonomy, engagement, sense of community, and quick adoption.

A calendar full of categorized meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Optimize productivity

Enable real-time visibility into your labor scheduling, time and attendance, and store operation scheduling within a single workforce management interface to ensure the right people are getting the right information at the right time.

Connect your enterprise

Foster community with dedicated communication channels and teams built to connect your workforce, coordinate corporate planning, and streamline communications on top of workforce management.

Shift details in Teams.

We partner with the systems you use today

Microsoft’s industry partner ecosystem allows organizations to connect Teams directly to leading workforce management systems.*

Blue Yonder      Reflexis

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Want to see our shift scheduling and workforce management solutions in action? Check it out!

Shifts in Teams.

Not convinced yet? Check out all the benefits of our tools today.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Workforce management help companies improve their performance by providing several capabilities including streamlined processes for managers and employees, online staffing and scheduling, task automation, and improved communication and engagement.

  • There are several workforce management software providers who partner with companies to help them with implementation, adoption, and day-to-day operation. However, companies benefit from additional features and capabilities provided by solutions designed specifically for managing the workforce. For instance, Microsoft Teams provides shift scheduling tools, deeper communication capabilities, and seamless task management.

  • Workforce management software provides all the necessary data to a staff scheduling and shift management solution. Then managers can create and manage schedules and shifts online and frontline workers can set their own availability and pick up the shifts they want using a simple app on their mobile devices.

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