Secure donor and program data

Protect sensitive data and build trust with supporters, program participants, and employees using integrated, best-in-class security tools.

Security Program for Nonprofits

Protect your organization against cyberthreats with the Security Program for Nonprofits, a comprehensive set of security offerings that assess organizational risk, provide proactive monitoring and notification, and training.

Learning pathways and resources

Administrator’s Security Toolkit

This course will help you get into a security mindset and become familiar with the security settings and tools within the Microsoft 365 suite.

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Security Skilling Hub

The Microsoft Security Technical Content Library provides resources for IT administrators to support your security needs.


Microsoft security courses

Microsoft’s security, compliance, and identity solutions are built to empower your organization, keeping you resilient and agile. They strengthen the security of cloud workloads and streamline security management. Explore these resources to learn more about Microsoft's security solutions.


Microsoft Security Virtual Training Days

Our free Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day events will help you gain the technical skills necessary to enable employees to work securely from anywhere. Learn how to harness powerful Microsoft security capabilities to keep your company’s information and remote access secure and protected.


Introduction to cybersecurity

Learn about cybersecurity concepts and ways to protect yourself and your business from cyberattacks.

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Article: Learn how to be safer over wireless connections

Gain insight on how you can better secure the ways you connect to the internet.

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Article: Learn how to prevent cyberattacks and scams

Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from common attacks and scams—like “phishing” and malware

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Article: Get tips on working from home more securely

Learn how to address security concerns when working away from the office.

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Connect with a Microsoft partner

Our partners make it their goal to help accelerate your mission. These select partners are ready to help you get started using the Security Program for Nonprofits.

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Questions about nonprofit offers?

Microsoft representatives can help you find the right products for your organization and address inquiries related to eligibility and technical support.

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