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An introduction to Java

Developers from around the world learn programming with Java, and it remains one of the most used languages among enterprises. It can help you solve business requirements at all levels. With millions of Java developers worldwide, Java’s success speaks for itself.

Java is a strategic language of choice on Azure, and we support Java developers on multiple levels to deploy their Java applications. No matter what your architecture looks like, Azure has a solution for you – from monolithic applications to microservices or even serverless applications.

Java is the one of the most used languages, according to Stack Overflow and GitHub. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) offers a mature way to run Java applications efficiently.

Azure offers various ways to deploy your Java applications. No matter what types of Java applications you’re running, Azure has a solution. You can choose from batch processes, nanoservices, and microservices, all the way up to Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Jakarta EE applications.


Get started with Java

With Microsoft Learn, you can kick off your journey into Java with easy to understand training – and best of all, it’s free! This is the perfect way to work through new software.

Learn more about Java

Already using Java and want to go further? Whether it’s learning something new within Java or becoming certified, there’s plenty more to explore and discover.

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