Microsoft for Public Finance

Help reignite the economy and drive financial accountability with public finance management solutions.

Public finance solutions

Increase transparency and efficiency and combat revenue fraud, waste, and abuse while fostering economic development.

Simplify revenue collection

Promote fiscal compliance and improve security with comprehensive digital revenue services.

Foster economic development

Accelerate economic recovery with more secure data-sharing policies and cross-agency collaboration.

Combat fraud and corruption

Manage data compliance and anti-corruption efforts to help prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Simplify revenue collection

Modernise taxpayer services

Elevate the taxpayer experience and build trust using more secure, multichannel services.

Boost employee productivity

Cultivate collaboration across agencies, modernise the employee experience and drive agility.

Streamline customs management

Help facilitate compliance and improve revenue collection with automated customs processes.

Transform permit processes

Drive efficiency and advance revenue collection in the licence and permit management process.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

Foster economic development

Improve budget management

Empower budget and treasury agencies to allocate public resources with modern economic solutions.

Drive recovery through grants

Fuel recovery through fiscally responsible grants, stimulus management and economic solutions.

Enable digital procurement

Promote data sharing between organisations and government agencies to improve digital services.

Deliver valuable insights

Equip finance employees with government insights to drive accurate assessments of economic needs.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

Combat fraud and corruption

Drive data visualisation

Gain a clear view of taxpayer profiles using big data visualisation and analysis to spot anomalies.

Detect fraud and anomalies

Enhance fraud detection with risk profiling and foster compliance across the entire value chain.

Ensure fast, accurate inquiries

Increase investigation speed and make informed decisions using data analytics and insights.

Empower auditors with tech

Provide modern audit management solutions, including case management and virtual meeting tools.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

The white paper titled Data collaboration enabling fair, safe trade.

Data collaboration enabling fair, safe trade

This white paper outlines the urgent need for data collaboration, and positive ways to enhance digital collaboration, ensuring simpler procedures for the importers and exporters, and improving trade facilitation to foster economic growth.

Innovations and transformations

See how governments are reimagining public finance

Simplifying tax filing

Poland’s Ministry of Finance created a digital tool that allows taxpayers to submit tax returns in minutes.

Avoiding disruption

Georgia’s Office of the State Treasurer (OST) kept critical services operating with remote work solutions.

Increasing engagement

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise boosted customer engagement by 400% with digital marketing tools.

Fighting security threats

Italy’s Comune di Catania helped safeguard public data and ensure service continuity with cloud computing.

Automating business permits

The Philippines government simplified the business permits and licensing process with cloud-based software.

Learn about Microsoft products for public finance

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage and deploy applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine public finance data with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build public finance solutions to analyse data, automate processes and deliver secure services.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

Microsoft Surface

Drive productivity with fast, flexible hardware made for remote work and protected by Microsoft security.

Microsoft Security

Help safeguard your people, data and infrastructure with comprehensive security solutions.

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