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Public safety and justice

Empowering agencies. Improving operations. Protecting communities.

Empower public safety and justice organisations

Make better informed decisions and deliver more impactful actions to increase the safety of people and the security of the communities you serve.

Learn how public safety and justice organisations are innovating in new ways to fulfil their mission and serve the community better

Improving turnout strategy and safety

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is empowering firefighters with improved mobility, collaborative technologies and better data to save property and lives.

Gain faster access to important information

Motorola solutions helps first responders at the scene of a disturbance or an emergency to stay focused on the people and issues in front of them.

Modernising the court to operate more efficiently

New digital processes helped the State Court of Justice of Sao Paulo to serve people up to 70% faster.

Better manage high data volumes and strict data-integrity standards

Axon police agencies use to sort, analyse, classify and share data – and monitor and govern their chain of custody.

Learn how you can promote community well-being and enhance your public safety and justice services