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Hello folks,

We are now firmly in 2023. Will the new year change anything for us? Probably, since in our business change is the only constant. Considering the economic landscape around us in this new year, we will have to, as Satya said in his last Microsoft Ignite keynote, do more with less.

Remember, you are the change agents. Therefore, you need to prioritise your growth and upskilling activities. Microsoft Learn provides you with an updated structure and content to help.

  1. Learn by doing
  2. Find technical documentation
  3. Ask questions and get help
  4. Try code samples
  5. Find new ways to innovate
  6. and once you’ve mastered the technology, you can showcase your skills

Should you or the developers in your company be interested in Cloud Native technologies (including Kubernetes), I suggest you check out the upcoming Cloud Native New Year. It will be 30 days of free online and self-paced content.

It starts off with introductory Level 100 explanations of Cloud Native and your options, through to application deployment and migration scenarios, including storage, networking and instrumentation for observability.

For more details, check out the Cloud Native New Year website when the content goes live from January 23rd, 2023.

Let’s make 2023 the year that we introduce more innovation, agility, and resilience in a way that scales and amplifies what you can accomplish.


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