For details about Microsoft Azure products and services, including customer examples, visit the Azure website.

How can I buy Azure?

There are multiple ways to buy Azure, depending on your needs:

Azure licensing FAQ

The Azure Hybrid Benefit provides big savings as you move to the cloud, whether you are deploying new virtual machines (VMs), moving a few workloads, or migrating your datacenters as part of your hybrid cloud strategy. Customers can use either their existing licenses or purchase/subscribe to Windows Server to reduce costs for running these systems and applications in Azure.

The Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server means customers pay for only base compute rates as they can realize their investments in Windows Server and apply those investments to workloads in Azure. Both on-demand instances and Azure Reserved VM Instances help deliver savings, no matter how you choose to purchase VMs.

For more details, see Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Azure Reserved Virtual Machine (VM) Instances is a new offer that enables customers to reserve VMs on Azure for one-year or three-year terms based on better pricing, and greater simplicity and flexibility:

  • Significant cost savings
    1. Save up to 72% on pay-as-you-go rates
    2. When you combine the cost savings of Azure Reserved VM Instances with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server, you can save up to 82%
  • Budget predictability and prioritized compute capacity
    1. Single up-front payment for one year or three years
    2. Plan for execution against important workloads with prioritized capacity
  • Simple to purchase. You can also modify your choices after you purchase.
    1. Just pick region, VM size, and one-year or three-year term
    2. Use your existing monetary commitment to purchase reservations
    3. If you have an Enterprise Agreement, use your monetary commitment to purchase reservations. For customers buying directly from, purchases can be made with a credit card.

Use the Azure pricing calculator to better understand the pricing of Microsoft Azure Services. Prices shown on the calculator do not reflect any discounts that may be applied by Microsoft or your reseller.

Your Microsoft Azure subscription includes account management and billing support. Additional technical support for your Azure workloads is available through a variety of offers. Visit the Azure website for more information.

Many Microsoft products are licensed for use in Microsoft Azure. Server application products such as SQL Server, System Center, and the productivity application products (such as Exchange Server and SharePoint Server) can be run on Azure under License Mobility through Software Assurance. Windows Server workloads can run on Azure under the Azure Hybrid Benefit. Software provided with Visual Studio subscriptions can be run on Azure under the Visual Studio use rights, Windows 10 Current Branch can be run on Azure under certain Windows per user use rights, and Office ProPlus can be run on Azure by using Shared Computer Activation.

Refer to the Microsoft Product Terms and Online Services Terms documents for specific terms related to use of Microsoft software products in Azure.

Microsoft understands the importance of earning your trust in Microsoft Azure and, consequently, we make security, privacy, transparency, and compliance constant priorities. For details, visit the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

Datacenters are located worldwide. The access restrictions are based on customer location.

Azure is an excellent platform for system integrators and managed service providers who want to manage IT services on behalf of their customers. The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides partners with the resources and tools to deliver cloud services effectively, including the resale of Azure Services, to your customers. Please visit the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program webpage for more information.

Alternatively, if you acquire Azure Services under your Enterprise Agreement (or other volume licensing agreement with Azure availability), you can host your own solutions to your end customers on the Azure platform. Self-Hosting and License Mobility through Software Assurance rights granted through Software Assurance further allow you to take advantage of your investment in on-premises offerings to host your own solutions on the Azure platform.

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