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Microsoft Security

Discover Microsoft Copilot for Security. Protect your organization at machine speed and scale with generative AI. 

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Empower everyone to be a cybersecurity champion

Help educate everyone in your organization with cybersecurity awareness resources and training curated by the security experts at Microsoft.

Get insights derived from 65 trillion daily signals 

Find out how to take collaborative action

Explore the Microsoft Digital Defense Report to get the latest learnings from more than 10,000 plus Microsoft security experts, practitioners, and defenders.

Learn from Microsoft experts about the latest cybersecurity trends

Hear about the Microsoft Digital Defense Report insights on threat intelligence and the future of AI in cybersecurity in this virtual event.

Broaden your security landscape

Deep-dive cybersecurity training and research

Expand your cybersecurity expertise

Browse learning paths, certifications, and technical documentation to continue your cybersecurity education.

Get actionable threat intelligence with Security Insider

Stay informed with the latest news, and insights into the world’s most demanding cybersecurity challenges.

Explore what’s next in security

Learn about the latest cybersecurity innovations and hear from product experts and partners at Microsoft Ignite.

Be prepared to hunt threats

Help safeguard your business with insights from the Microsoft Security Experts Threat Hunting Survival Guide.

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Empower everyone to be a cyber defender

Navigate cybersecurity literacy and skills for all

Explore self-paced learning paths

Understand concepts such as cybersecurity, Zero Trust, and ransomware through beginner-level learning modules.

Learn the basics about cybersecurity

Get an introduction to the cybersecurity landscape and learn about the many types of threats and how to stay protected.

Safeguard your online privacy and digital security

Get guidance, insights, and resources to work, shop, browse, and play more safely online.

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Additional resources

It’s cybersecurity awareness month—let’s be cyber smart together

Learn from Microsoft experts about online safety at home and work to help make the world a safer place.

Support women in cybersecurity careers

See how Microsoft and its partners celebrate, nurture, and encourage women to build their careers in cybersecurity.

Build stronger security teams

The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning to better combat cyberthreats. Learn how to prepare all levels of an organization to be cyber smart, from Jayson Street, Truesec Chief Chaos Officer.

Microsoft Security Blog

Get the latest security news and insights.

Microsoft Security Insider

Explore the latest information on threat intelligence thought leadership.

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