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Microsoft Purview Audit

Power your forensic and compliance investigations.

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Latest news on changes coming to Audit

Learn more about the changes coming to Audit, including longer default retention and additional audit logging events.

Power your forensic and compliance investigations

Support forensic investigations

Determine the scope of compromise, and access audit logs to support investigations.

Preserve audit logs to meet regulatory requirements

Retain audit records for one year with the option to retain for up to 10 years.

Gain high-bandwidth access to data

Get a dynamic bandwidth quota to access your auditing data.

Key features of Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium)

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Customized retention policies

Create customized audit log retention policies to retain audit records based on the service where the audited activities occur, specific audited activities, or the user who performs an audited activity.

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Longer retention of audit records

Retain Audit (Premium) users' audit log records of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Entra ID for one year by default and 180 days for all other activities. Retain audit log records for up to 10 years with an add-on license.

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Intelligent insights

Support investigations by providing visibility to events such as when mail items were accessed, replied to and forwarded, or when and what a user searched for in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

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Higher bandwidth to the Office 365 Management Activity API

Organizations are initially allocated a baseline of 2,000 requests per minute, where this limit will dynamically increase depending on an organization's seat count and their licensing subscription, resulting in about twice the bandwidth as organizations with Audit (Standard).

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How Audit powers your investigations

Audit provides crucial event data that can help you investigate possible breaches and determine the scope of compromise.

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Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

Originally starting from €11.20 now starting from €11.20

€11.20 €11.20


(annual subscription–auto renews)

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