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Microsoft Priva

Elevate your privacy posture, keep customer data private, and streamline compliance processes.

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Streamline Privacy Management

Modernize your privacy program with a platform that scales to meet your evolving compliance needs.

Consolidate data privacy operations

Automate data privacy protection processes across on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments.

Standardize and streamline compliance

Create a standardized approach using customizable privacy process templates and models that conform to your business needs.

Accelerate digital transformation and mitigate risks

Connect to your data platform to help ensure customer data stays private.

Explore the new Microsoft Priva product family in preview

Modernize your privacy program with new Microsoft Priva products, now available in preview.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments Preview

Automate the discovery, documentation, and assessment of personal data use.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management Preview

Identify personal data and extend your privacy risk controls across your digital estate, including Microsoft Azure and SQL.

Microsoft Priva Tracker Scanning Preview

Scan and identify tracking technologies and address website privacy compliance.

Microsoft Priva Consent Management Preview

Streamline the management of consent status at scale customized to your business needs.

Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests Preview

Manage the fulfillment of subject rights requests at scale for data beyond Microsoft M365.

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Explore the Microsoft Priva product family, available now

Help protect personal data and keep up with ever-changing and complex privacy requirements.

A person using a tablet connected to a desktop monitor that are displaying reports in Microsoft Priva.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management

Identify personal data and critical privacy risks, automate risk mitigation, and empower employees to make smart data handling decisions.

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Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests

Manage subject rights requests in an automated, secure, and auditable way.

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Explore new Microsoft Priva products

Help your organization to optimize privacy operations and streamline compliance with new Priva offerings, now in preview.


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about Microsoft Priva products.

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Modernize privacy operations and streamline compliance.

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