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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management

Allow standard users to perform IT-approved tasks usually reserved for administrators with Intune Endpoint Privilege Management, included in the Microsoft Intune Suite.

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Three new products are now part of the Microsoft Intune Suite

Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics, Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management, and Microsoft Cloud PKI are generally available and are all
part of the Intune Suite.

Simplify management of standard users

Manage privilege elevation and endpoint configuration in one place.

Enforce least-privilege access

Reinforce a Zero Trust framework, reduce your attack surface, and protect corporate data.

Boost productivity

Simplify IT workstreams and empower employees to be more productive without compromising security.

Gain key insights

Get a comprehensive view into privilege elevations happening across your organization.

Learn how the Microsoft Intune Suite helps simplify endpoint management, strengthen security, and reduce costs

Endpoint Privilege Management capabilities

Enable worker productivity.
Rule properties being edited within a profile in Microsoft Intune admin center

Automatic elevations

Reduce friction by allowing workers to seamlessly run applications using administrative privileges.

A pop-up asking the user to open an app as an administrator and enter a business justification for why

User-confirmed elevations

Allow users to run IT-trusted apps using administrative privileges after providing additional validation.

Details for an elevation report in Microsoft Intune admin center


Easily review and audit privilege elevations across your organization with detailed reports.

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Try the Microsoft Intune Suite today

Intune Endpoint Privilege Management is part of the Intune Suite

Unify mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions with the Intune Suite. 
  • Simplify endpoint management. Unify your endpoint management solutions and workflows in one place, reducing complexity for IT and security operations.
  • Strengthen security posture. Ensure device health and compliance by using Microsoft Security signals and advanced endpoint management capabilities to mitigate cyberthreats and protect corporate data. 
  • Reduce overall cost. Increase efficiency by consolidating vendors and save more with cost-effective licensing. Improve end-user productivity and performance across devices.

All products in the Microsoft Intune Suite work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security. The Microsoft Intune Suite includes Microsoft Intune Remote Help, Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management, Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics, Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management, Microsoft Cloud PKI, and advanced capabilities in Microsoft Intune Plan 2. 

A Microsoft Intune Plan 1 subscription is required.

Industry research and recognition

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A Leader in Unified Endpoint Management

Microsoft is named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2023.1

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The Total Economic Impact™ of The Microsoft Intune Suite

Learn how the Intune Suite can help organizations save money, improve productivity, and lower security risk.2

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A leader in digital workspace management

Omdia named Microsoft a leader in the Omdia Universe: Digital Workspace Management/Unified Endpoint Management Platforms, 2024.3

See why customers trust Intune Endpoint Privilege Management

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"EPM (Endpoint Privilege Management) offers tight integration into the operating system. And the focus that Microsoft has over only elevating specific actions and apps versus making you an admin for a period of time - this is security at its best- going for the least privileged action."

Michael Mardahl, Cloud Architect, Apento

Explore Microsoft Intune products and capabilities

Maximize productivity and simplify administration without compromising endpoint management and security.

Microsoft Intune core capabilities

Manage and protect cloud-connected endpoints across Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Microsoft Configuration Manager

Manage on-premises endpoints, such as Windows PCs and servers.

Microsoft Intune Remote Help

Enable secure, cloud-based helpdesk-to-user connections.

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management

Allow standard users to perform IT-approved tasks usually reserved for administrators.

Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management

Deploy and manage apps proactively, simply, and securely.

Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics

Elevate the end-user experience with AI, analytics, and actionable insights.

Microsoft Cloud PKI

Simplify and automate cloud certificate management.

Additional resources

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Get started with Endpoint Privilege Management

Get step-by-step instructions for using Endpoint Privilege Management.


Understand the value of the Microsoft Intune Suite

Enhance security and IT efficiency with the Microsoft Intune Suite, a collection of advanced endpoint management capabilities.


Enable Windows standard users with Endpoint Privilege Management

Learn how to enforce least-privilege access while allowing employees to be productive.


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