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Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Get intelligent detection and control of sensitive information across Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and on the endpoint.

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Gain flexibility and scale with a cloud-native DLP solution

Our data landscape has evolved and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions need to evolve too. Learn about the common deployment states, migration challenges, and best practices including benefits of adopting a cloud-native DLP solution.

Help prevent risky or unauthorized use of sensitive data on apps, services, and devices

Help prevent unauthorized sharing, use, or transfer of sensitive information across apps, services, and devices with Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention.

Cloud-native solution

Easy to deploy, use, and scale.

Comprehensive protection

Use one solution that helps safeguard all your workloads.

Intelligent detection

Maintain productivity with granular policy controls.

Prevent unauthorized sharing, transfer, or use of sensitive data across apps, services, and devices.

Key features of Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Choosing a location to apply a new policy in Microsoft 365 compliance.

Single location for policy management

Create, manage, and enforce data loss prevention policies from the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

Creating a custom or templated policy in Microsoft 365 compliance.

Integration with Microsoft Purview Information Protection

DLP is integrated with Information Protection classification and labeling capabilities, including out-of-the box, customer, or advanced SITs and trainable classifiers.

A data loss prevention alert being displayed in Microsoft 365 admin center.

Unified alerting and remediation

Configure, triage, and track alerts through the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) alerts page. Extend DLP alerts to the Microsoft Defender XDR portal and Microsoft Sentinel.

Data classification charts in Microsoft 365 compliance.

Getting started quickly

Get started easily with no configuration necessary for cloud workloads. You’ll have visibility into sensitive data across apps and devices with data classification.

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Enable Adaptive Protection with Microsoft Purview

Optimize data protection automatically.

Explore data security resources and trends

Gain insights into the latest data security advancements, including expert guidance, best practices, trends, and solutions.

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What customers are saying


Rabobank optimizes privacy and safety

With 48,000 employees in 23 countries, Rabobank needed a holistic view of its data assets and an easy and effective toolset to manage DLP policies.


Fannie Mae builds productivity and data safety

Fannie Mae IT teams now have greater peace of mind protecting sensitive data while maintaining data scientists’ productivity.

Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

Originally starting from €11.20 now starting from €11.20

€11.20 €11.20


(Annual commitment)

  • Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention is a part of the Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance Suite

  • Microsoft offers comprehensive compliance and data governance solutions to help your organization manage risks, protect and govern sensitive data, and respond to regulatory requirements.

    * Customers currently licensed with Enterprise Mobility Security + Office E3, Microsoft 365 E3, or a version of these suites that does not include Microsoft Teams, are eligible to purchase or try E5 Compliance. You must be a global, compliance, or billing admin to initiate this trial.

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