Microsoft Security Services for Modernization

Protect your modern enterprise​.

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Expert-led security transformation

Embrace modern security capabilities and continue your security transformation journey.

Transformative expertise

Mitigate business risks and meet compliance requirements with proven practices, processes, and policies.

Seamless scalability

Build and enable security controls alongside Microsoft and our partner ecosystem.

Constant improvement

Work with dedicated security experts to monitor and evolve your security posture.​

Included capabilities

Additional resources

Trends in the cyber landscape

Hear Microsoft security leaders in conversation with prominent CISOs and cybersecurity experts.

Security management best practices

Learn how to increase visibility and control over your hybrid enterprise estate.

Modernizing security operations

Review best practices for the security operations center and learn about potential future security challenges.

Expert-led security transformation

Embrace modern security capabilities and start your security transformation with Microsoft Security Experts for Modernization. Contact your Microsoft account executive to learn more.

This diagram describes how Microsoft hunts beyond endpoints and provides recommendations in a five-step process. Starting with formulating a hypothesis to explain data suggesting a potential threat, then finding context using artificial intelligence and observation. Then Microsoft hunts and collects more data to investigate and analyze the most critical threats. From there, Microsoft notifies customers of the findings with recommendations.