Microsoft Defender for Identity

Help protect your identity security landscape.

Manage identity risks

Use Microsoft Defender for Identity to help security operations teams protect on-premises identities and correlate signals with Microsoft 365.

Identify and resolve vulnerabilities

Help eliminate on-premises vulnerabilities to prevent attacks before they happen.

Assess threats efficiently

Help security operations teams use their time effectively by understanding the greatest threats.

Focus on real threats

Help security operations teams prioritize information to focus on actual threats, not false signals.

Help protect on-premises identities with cloud intelligence

Get cloud-powered insights and intelligence in each stage of the attack life cycle with Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Integrated threat protection with SIEM & XDR

Microsoft empowers your organization’s defenders by putting the right tools and intelligence in the hands of the right people. Combine SIEM and XDR to increase efficiency and effectiveness while securing your digital estate.

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Microsoft 365 Defender


Prevent and detect attacks across your Microsoft 365 workloads with built-in XDR capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Defender dashboard highlighting active incidents, active threats and more.

Microsoft 365 Defender


Prevent and detect attacks across your Microsoft 365 workloads with built-in XDR capabilities.

Erie Insurance Logo

Erie Insurance uses Microsoft Defender for Identity to monitor users, incidents, and entity behavior in a hybrid environment. Security posture management reports provide Erie with a highly accessible view into security, enabling fast remediation.

Ansell logo

Ansell, a global leader in personal protective equipment manufacturing, uses identity security posture assessments in Microsoft Defender for Identity to proactively prevent threats by securing potential vulnerabilities across its on-premises environment.

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