Accessibility training essentials

Deepen your accessibility knowledge with these helpful videos and both live and pre-recorded training sessions.

LinkedIn Learning courses

Microsoft training and resources

Get familiar with our products

Browse our training on Microsoft Learn for basic to intermediate accessibility training.

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Learn from an expert

Attend a free virtual workshop taught live by Microsoft experts.

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Explore accessibility videos

Explore the video playlists on our YouTube channel to learn more about accessibility and disability resources at Microsoft.

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Accessible content and experiences

Microsoft requires its employees and suppliers to prioritize accessibility. Formerly called the ‘Supplier toolkit,’ we have expanded our resources so that everyone has the tools to create more inclusive content and experiences.

Content creation

Developing content with accessibility in mind ensures that your work is ready for the widest possible audience.

Create accessible content with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office includes easy, built-in tools to help you create accessible documents. This series of training videos explains how to use them. (1–5 minutes per video)

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Learn from an expert

One of our accessibility experts, Clint Covington, shares his top ten habits to author accessible content

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Create accessible PDF documents

This video series will show you how to create accessible PDF documents and fix issues when you find them. (2–3 minutes per video)

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Create content for everyone

This guide contains accessibility tips on how to create emails, run Teams meetings, and develop PowerPoint presentations that can be easily understood by everyone.

Easy tips to create accessible content

Modern marketing is accessible marketing

A how-to guide to help you reach and connect with a diverse audience.

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Digital accessibility in the modern workplace

Join Microsoft accessibility evangelist, Hector Minto, as he shares his best practices for accessibility at work. (2–5 minutes per video)

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Accessibility at a glance playlist

Join accessibility experts and learn how to create inclusive and accessible experiences.

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Using assistive technology

Our products are designed to support productivity, creativity, and ease of use for everyone. Learn about the accessibility resources for our products below.

Use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge

Originally designed for readers with dyslexia and dysgraphia, this tool can help anyone avoid distraction by hiding distracting pop-ups and buttons to simplify web page layouts.

Learn about Immersive Reader

Complete guide to Narrator

This comprehensive resource provides an overview of the product capabilities along with basic to more advanced instructions on how to get the most out of Narrator.

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Accessibility tools for Office

Find accessibility resources for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and tools to make your content accessible for everyone.

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Windows 11 accessibility

Learn more about the built-in accessibility features available in Windows 11.

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