Featured AI for Accessibility projects

Check out how our grantees are using AI powered technology to make the world more inclusive.

Zyrobotics iTherapy


Young boy uses a stylus on a tablet.

Zyrobotics uses technology to teach

Kids look at a tablet together in a classroom.

Communication and connection

Communication is fundamental to providing equal access. Technology can create new possibilities regardless of how a person listens, speaks, or writes.

ACT Lab enables communication with tools for storytelling from photos

Learn about the storytelling app

Visualize the rhythm of music with beat tracking

Learn more about BeatCaps

EVE recognizes speech and generates automated live captions

Learn more about EVE

CAIR helps understand words in spoken messages

Learn about research at RIT

Timlogo improves access to speech therapy

Learn more about their platform

ReadRing provides real-time text-to-braille conversion

Learn about ReadRing device

Helpicto turns speech into pictograms

Learn more about the tool


The unemployment rate is more than twice as high for people with disabilities. AI can help people develop more advanced skills in the workplace and evolve the culture around inclusive hiring.

BCU explores Human-Computer Interaction

Get to know the school’s researcher

Present Pal supports confident speaking

Learn about Present Pal

Humanistic Co-Design’s assistive technology

Learn about their innovations

Daily life

We see great opportunities in building modern solutions for people with disabilities by making software and devices smarter and more contextually relevant.

Supporting navigation using open city data and AI

Learn about Olin College research

inABLE and I-Stem empowering students who are blind with AI

Abilisense uses AI to analyze sounds

Discover their sound technology

I3D develops intelligent user interfaces

Explore the inclusive lab

YouBelong connects people with special needs

Learn about YouBelong

AI for Mankind enables vision via open source

Explore Seeing the World project

AbiliTrek builds image recognition for accessibility

Learn about AbiliTrek

Financial Accessibility matches people with programs

Learn about Financial Accessibility

SmartEar translates sounds into colored flashes

Learn about SmartEar