February 26, 2024

Maximize your cloud hosting strategy in 2024: Success stories from our partners

By Fede Pacheco

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The Microsoft Datacenter Optimization (DCO) team is dedicated to helping partners enhance their on-premises business and reap the benefits of the cloud. By joining the DCO program, you can gain access to a wealth of incentives, resources, and personalized guidance tailored to your unique business and technology needs as a Cloud hosting provider. With the support of a team of Azure experts, you can develop a customized strategy that meets your specific needs and helps you drive incremental revenue growth.

Here are two recent success stories showcasing partners who have transformed their business by shifting their strategy and making Azure part of their revenue streams.

Partner success stories

Protocall realizes 45% cost savings with migration to Microsoft Azure environment designed and managed by Atmosera

Protocall Services (Protocall) is a national provider of telephonic crisis services and digital tools for behavioral health, with a mission to help people in need. To improve the reliability, security, and scalability of its infrastructure, Protocall embarked on a multistage cloud migration. On-premises and colocated systems no longer provided the performance or agility Protocall needed, so they reached out to Microsoft partner Atmosera to design and manage a new environment based on Microsoft Azure.

“One of the benefits of working with Atmosera is that all we focus on is Azure,” says Jon Thomsen, CEO of Atmosera. “It’s all we do, every day. We’re the experts.” However, this wasn’t always the case for Atmosera. In 2014, they embarked on a similar digital transformation journey than Protocol did a few years later. They evolved from a traditional datacenter and private cloud company to a modern and innovative service provider with Azure. Atmosera was one of the first partners to participate in the Microsoft Data Center Optimization (DCO) program, which it uses with customers like Protocall.

Protocall leaned on Atmosera’s experience with Azure services to design the architecture. “Having guidance around best practices for spinning up cloud infrastructure was really invaluable for us,” says Jérémie Bourque, Director of Software Engineering at Protocall. “If we hadn’t had Atmosera, we probably would have wasted a lot of time through experimentation and maybe have made poor choices.” Protocall’s migration has made it more agile and secure, with virtually 100 percent application infrastructure uptime. Many of Protocall’s business processes are now simpler, and Atmosera’s continuous management of the Azure environment allows Protocall to focus on its mission. Read the full customer story.

CompuData grows 25% year over year, increases revenue by 250% by migrating from private cloud to Azure with Ingram Micro

IT solutions provider CompuData migrated its legacy infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, increasing its cloud revenue by 250% and making its growth sustainable while maintaining regulatory compliance. When CompuData found that maintaining a private cloud infrastructure was becoming too complex and costly as the company grew, it looked to Azure for scalability and efficiency. “Managing and maintaining a private datacenter as we scaled up was just not cost effective,” says Ed Guarrieri, Chief Operating Officer at CompuData. “For us to scale to the next level as a cloud solution provider, Azure would be the best way we’d be able to provide the right solutions for our customers.”

CompuData leveraged Microsoft’s DCO program to transition all its customers and applications to Azure. Michael Wirth, Category Acceleration Executive for Microsoft Azure at Ingram Micro, noted that “We connected CompuData with presales resources to redesign its solutions in Azure and supported it with funding for end-customer migration projects.” The company has achieved a 25% year-over-year growth rate while reducing overhead costs and needing fewer resources to manage its expanding workloads.

Now, CompuData has unlocked the scalability and efficiency to digitally transform its business and deliver cutting-edge, compliant cloud solutions. “We’re a customer service business,” says Guarrieri. “Customers care about uptime, security, reliability, and performance. We can deliver that better and more cost-effectively on Azure today.” Read the full customer story.

You can be the next success story

Atmosera and CompuData are just two examples of the many success stories of businesses that have optimized their datacenters and increased their revenue streams with Azure through the Microsoft Data Center Optimization (DCO) program. The DCO program helps businesses transform their legacy datacenter operations to a cloud-centric business model on Azure, enabling them to scale faster, reduce costs, and grow sustainably. We invite you to initiate a conversation with the DCO team to explore the best strategies that could benefit your business and your customers. Let’s discuss how your hosting strategy can benefit from the DCO program and make your business future-proof.

And check out this Microsoft Cloud Hosting Partners – YouTube podcast to learn more about how to optimize your datacenter strategy.

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