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A visual of Bing AI features and logos

September 29, 2023

What are Bing’s AI features, and how do you use them?

AI can revolutionize the way you use the internet. From more interactive, insightful searching to text and image generation in seconds, use Bing’s AI tools to find what you need, discover valuable new resources, and create what you envision. Learn how to harness the power of Bing’s AI features to do all this and more.

Bing’s AI features

Draft a quick email? Check! Help you find your next great travel destination along with flight and hotel ideas? Check! Save time and money on your shopping list? Double check! Get to know how to use Bing AI to make your to-do list that much easier.

AI-enhanced search for better results

Bing’s search feature offers more useful results than ever by providing additional information, tools, and widgets to accompany every search. When you’re looking up, say, a town to visit, you’ll see a list of the most relevant websites on the search page, but that’s not all. You may also see more information on the side including images, a map, town history, hotels in the area, key attractions, additional searches that might be useful, and more.

Bing Chat

If you think Bing’s traditional search functionality is incredible, prepare to be floored by Bing Chat. This conversation-based AI search tool offers comprehensive results for your complex questions and commands. Ask it multiple questions and see what it can do! For instance, you might ask for a list of the best schools in your neighborhood along with parks nearby with distance to the school listed. It can generate all of that for you as a text-based answer or spreadsheet, but it will also provide images, additional links, school webpages, and more.

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator powered by DALL-E is built into Bing Chat and can also be used via the Bing Image Creator icon on your Microsoft Edge sidebar. This is your go-to tool to generate images on demand in any style you like. From social media images to spooky creations for the invite to your Halloween party, Bing Image Creator can generate countless image options until you find the perfect one.

Bing Compose

Bing Compose takes AI text generation to the next level by writing in a variety of tones and formats to create the copy you need. It’s built into Bing Chat, and you can also access it via the Bing Chat icon on your Microsoft Edge sidebar. Draft up emails, blog posts, shopping lists, speeches, summaries, poems, short stories, and so much more in a matter of seconds. Not sure how to phrase a response to a salty email you just received? Let Bing Compose show you how it’s done.

Knowledge Cards 2.0

For even more valuable results when you search, Bing now provides AI-generated Knowledge Cards 2.0 on the right side of your search results page. From a timeline of related events to suggestions for further research, Knowledge Cards 2.0 uses AI to generate and display a variety of relevant information in new formats right there on your search page.


Bing’s AI-generated Stories give you the info you’re seeking in a mix of text, image, video, and/or audio formats. If you’re a visual or auditory learner and you prefer engaging with dynamic, varied content, Stories provides answers in new and compelling ways that you might love. Look for Stories among your search page results.

Bing Insights in Microsoft Edge Sidebar

Get more out of your time online with Bing Insights in the Bing Chat pane of the Microsoft Edge sidebar. Open any webpage to try it out. You’ll see that Bing Insights offers a variety of additional info, links, and suggestions to enhance your browsing experience, help you discover new possibilities, and lead you more quickly toward what you want to find. Since it’s right in your Microsoft Edge sidebar, you can view a webpage and insights at the same time. You can also find data about the webpage itself, including possible reviews, analytics, and more. To dig deeper and explore more widely, try Bing Insights.

Tips for using Bing AI

Here are a few quick tips for using Bing AI:

  • Lean into the details. For searches and text or image generation, help Bing AI give you what you want by being as specific as possible.
  • Ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. You’ve already asked about planning your vacation, but thanks to AI, you can keep the conversation going with more questions and requests. Try telling Bing Chat what you love to do and asking for recommendations based on other adventures you’ve enjoyed. Then you might say, “Those recommendations aren’t exciting enough? What’s the most fun I can have in [location]?” or “We’re on the right track, but I don’t want to do so much walking. What could I do that isn’t as active?”
  • Frame an answer. Are you looking for an outline? A graph? Tell Bing how you’d like to receive information, but don’t be afraid to ask for tweaks until you find the response you’re looking for.
  • Ask for a summary. Whether you need an article summed up or simply want to rehash the plot of the previous season of a TV show before you start the new one, ask Bing Chat for a summary of the main points.
  • Compare things. Don’t waste time with irrelevant information or making your own comparison spreadsheet. Simply direct Bing Chat to compare two (or more!) kinds of information and let it know how detailed of a report to produce. Use this to save money by asking for price comparisons.
  • Get real-time results. Bing Chat is able to pull the information you want about recent events or breaking news. From sports scores to stock prices, ask your specific question to get just the real-time details that matter most to you.

Bing's AI features are transforming the ways we use the internet while saving users time and money. Get started with your personalized search results, text generation, image creation, and more when you try Bing AI today.

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