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Credit: Designer in Copilot

November 21, 2023

Update January 23, 2024: At Microsoft, we are always updating and testing features to offer our users the best possible experiences as we experiment with new approaches to functionality. To improve the user experience and streamline our tools that empower creativity, Bing Image Creator is now Designer and Bing Chat is now Copilot. Create wow-worthy images with your words and AI with Designer, and try Copilot, your AI-powered search assistant for the web.

How Copilot works, technically speaking

In the fast-evolving digital era, Copilot stands as a testament to Microsoft's prowess at harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence. To truly appreciate its capabilities, it's vital to understand the foundational elements such as the large language model, or LLM, AI. Get to know the tech behind Copilot’s conversational, generative expertise and learn about key features you can enjoy.

LLM AI: The brain behind Copilot

The term large language model might sound intricate, but its essence is simple. Picture a colossal digital library brimming with billions of words, ideas, and contexts. Now, imagine having a super librarian who can fetch the most fitting piece of information almost instantly. That's how LLM AI works.

Neural networks and learning patterns

At its heart, LLM AI operates on neural networks. Mimicking the human brain's structure, these networks allow Copilot to learn from vast volumes of data. Based on each person’s interactions and new online content, this continuous learning ensures that the platform becomes smarter and more efficient over time. That means that Copilot’s functionality increases every time you use it!

How does AI work in crafting responses?

When you prompt Copilot with a question or statement, it performs the following actions to give you a response:

  1. Interpret the input. The LLM AI analyses your words, understanding context and nuances.
  2. Search the knowledge base. Copilot searches for relevant patterns, data, or context.
  3. Craft the answer. The AI crafts a contextually fitting, coherent reply, ensuring clarity and relevance.
  4. Deliver the response. Copilot offers you a well-articulated answer almost instantly.

The AI powering Copilot: OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, Prometheus, and DALL-E 3

Copilot is powered by a one-of-a-kind AI trio. Each brings unique functionality to Copilot’s conversational, generative, AI-powered searches:

  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4. This model of Open AI’s ChatGPT LLM is customized for search, optimized for speed, and equipped to generate creative text in any form you can imagine.
  • Microsoft’s Prometheus model. This is Microsoft’s proprietary model for working with the OpenAI LLM. It’s specially designed to increase the timeliness, relevance, and safety of your AI-powered search responses.
  • DALL-E 3. This is OpenAI’s generative, text-to-image neural network. DALL-E 3 goes beyond the language-bound LLMs and takes AI-generated content into the visual realm.
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Credit: Designer in Copilot

The diversified AI tapestry: Image and text generation

Copilot can generate unique text and comes with built-in Designer, meaning you can prompt this AI to churn out unique images, too.

Text generation: More than words

Copilot is tailored for content creation, assisting users in drafting text that ranges from professional emails to whimsical sonnets. Copilot is fine-tuned for textual contexts, grammar precision, and stylistic recommendations. When you ask Copilot to write a speech or bedtime story, it crafts the content you need.

Designer: AI-driven artistry

Also built right into Copilot, Designer uses the DALL-E 3 generative, visual AI model, which searches a database of text and image pairs to interpret requests and generate images. DALL-E 3 is equipped with the same text-analysis capabilities as Copilot’s LLM, but those abilities are extended to include visual search and production. When you ask Copilot to create an image for you, Designer makes it happen.

Copilot: The future of search is here

With all of these built-in AI tools, Copilot offers a conversational, intelligent search that transforms the possibilities of what a web search engine can be. You’ll receive thorough answers to your search questions, which can include videos, reviews, maps, and more. You can ask Copilot to take on various tasks, too. From comparing products for a present or composing an email to making a spreadsheet of sports teams with several columns of data or generating a perfect background image for your social media profile, AI-powered Copilot can help you complete tasks large and small.

Copilot, with its underpinnings in OpenAI's ChatGPT-4, its unique Prometheus model, and the visual prowess of DALL-E 3, represents the zenith of conversational AI. Copilot’s text generation and image-creating Designer showcase the vast potential and diversity of AI applications. As we stand at this junction of technological advancements, Copilot serves as a testament to the transformative power of AI in reshaping our digital world.

Try Copilot today to see what conversational, generative AI can do for you.

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