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September 29, 2023

Update January 23, 2024: At Microsoft, we are always updating and testing features to offer our users the best possible experiences and we experiment with new approaches to functionality. To improve the user experience and streamline our tools that empower creativity, Bing Image Creator is now Image Creator from Designer and Bing Chat is now Microsoft Copilot. Create wow-worthy images with your words and AI with Image Creator from Designer and try Microsoft Copilot, your AI powered search assistant for the web.

How to search with an image

Whether you want to identify a plant, find a product, or see what country a gorgeous sunset coastline pic is from, Visual Search in Bing can help you. Learn how to uncover more information about any visual you encounter using Bing’s AI-powered Visual Search.

What is Visual Search?

Traditionally, if you wanted to search the web, you’d have to enter text keywords or questions to get answers. Not anymore! With Visual Search, an image is all you need. Bing’s Visual Search AI makes anything visual searchable.

How to search with an image with Bing’s Visual Search

There are several ways to access AI-powered visual search in Bing:

  • Go to and locate the camera icon in the search box.
  • Head to and locate the camera icon in the Ask me anything… search box.
  • In the Bing App, select the camera icon in the search box.
  • In Microsoft Edge, select the Bing icon in the right sidebar to open the Bing Chat pane. Then locate the camera icon in the Ask me anything… search box.

You have a choice to copy and paste an image or image URL, upload an image, or use your device camera to snap a shot on the spot.*

Do more with Visual Search in Bing Chat

Once you upload your photo, you don’t have to stop there. Take full advantage of the power of AI in Bing Chat by asking questions, too. You can upload a photo of a dog and ask Bing Chat, “What type of dog is this?” Bing Chat will then identify the breed and provide additional information. You might upload the photo of a rock and ask, “What type of rock is this, and where is it found in the world?” AI makes visual searching more interactive and insightful, especially when you keep the conversation going by adding on questions and commands.

Ways to use Visual Search

Here are just a handful of the countless ways you can use Visual Search in Bing:

Shopping assistant

Visual Search can make shopping easier. For example, if you come across a cute pair of shoes, you can snap a photo of them and upload it to Bing or copy and paste the image URL into the search box. Ask Bing Chat what type of shoes they are and where to buy them.

Identify plants or animals

Have you ever stumbled across beautiful flowers, but you didn’t know what kind they were? Now you can take a photo and ask Bing Chat to identify the type of flower. You can also use Bing Chat’s AI-powered Visual Search to help you identify animals or insects. Have more questions about that creature? Keep them coming! Bing Chat has answers.

Pinpoint a person

If you’re watching a movie or TV show but don’t want to scan through an entire cast list, why not let Visual Search in Bing Chat help you? Take a photo of the actor and ask Bing Chat to tell you who the actor is. Bing Chat can even tell you which other films and TV shows they’ve starred in.

Uncover landmarks

Gatekeeping is a thing of the past with Visual Search. If your favorite influencers or friends on social media have been posting a cool new destination, restaurant, mural, or exhibit, use Visual Search to identify the location.

Discover recipes

Picture this: You’re at a restaurant. You’re eating the most amazing dish you’ve ever tasted. So, how can you recreate this meal at home? Take a photo of the dish and ask Bing Chat to help you find a similar recipe.

Visual Search in Bing is your AI-powered assistant, ready to take any visual and tell you more. Learn about the world around you when you try Visual Search and ask questions in Bing Chat today.

[*] Visual Search with your device camera may not be available in Microsoft Edge sidebar.

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