Security Policy for a Connected World

To maintain global trust in technology - and secure cyberspace against new and emerging threats - public policy must continue to evolve. Microsoft supports these critical efforts, focusing its research on four broad themes of concern to policymakers:

Cybersecurity policy and resilience Cloud security and assurance Digital Geneva Convention Cybercrime legislation and strategy

Cybersecurity policy and resilience

Increasing cybersecurity in critical sectors is vital to the future of national economies and has become a priority for governments around the world. Microsoft supports these risk management efforts and believes that every nation should have a strategy to frame its investments and desired outcomes in cybersecurity.


Cyber Resilience: Digitally Empowering Cities

White paper providing concrete strategies for cities to explore as they begin their journeys to cyber resilience

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Developing a national strategy for cybersecurity

Developing a national cybersecurity strategy by determining core priorities and guiding principles

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Cloud computing and cybersecurity

Advancing cyber resilience and digital continuity

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The need for a Digital Geneva Convention

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Latest Content

Filling the gaps in international law is essential to making cyberspace a safer place

A meeting with international law experts at the Munich Security Conference recently highlighted the need for greater norms development in cyberspace. By examining recent high-profile cyber incidents, a gathering of 20 experts discussed critical “gaps” in existing international law when it comes to cyberattacks. The most significant of these gaps turned out to be structural. The international community lacks a common space for finding out the facts about cyberattacks, for learning from others, for interpreting laws and for agreeing who did what to whom. Successful efforts to curb the damaging impact of cyberattacks will need to address these key elements.


The role that regions can and should play in critical infrastructure protection

Our new report, Critical Infrastructure Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018, developed in partnership between Microsoft and the Organization of American States (OAS), demonstrates the value of regional cooperation in global efforts to increase the security of the online environment where it matters most. It acknowledges that rather than focusing on “all politics is local” or “living in a global village”, regions have a key role to play in formulating policies and delivering outcomes for cybersecurity in general, and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) in particular.


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