Security Policy for a Connected World

To maintain global trust in technology - and secure cyberspace against new and emerging threats - public policy must continue to evolve. Microsoft supports these critical efforts, focusing its research on four broad themes of concern to policymakers:

  • Cybersecurity policy
    and resilience
  • Cloud security
    and assurance
  • Digital
    Geneva Convention
  • Cybercrime legislation
    and strategy

Cybersecurity policy and resilience

Increasing cybersecurity in critical sectors is vital to the future of national economies, and has become a priority for governments around the world. Microsoft supports these risk-management efforts and believes that every nation should have a strategy to frame its investments and desired outcomes in cybersecurity.

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Strengthening State Cybersecurity

With this paper, Microsoft aims to support state governments in securing their own Digital Transformation while protecting the people, processes, and institutions of those states.

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Risk Management for Cybersecurity: Security Baselines

Policy paper outlining key recommendations for developing a national cybersecurity strategy.

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Advancing blockchain cybersecurity

White paper highlighting technical and policy considerations around blockchain for the financial services industry

The need for a Digital Geneva Convention

Building an effective national cybersecurity agency

Cloud security and assurance

Globally, governments are moving beyond the question of whether to use cloud computing, focusing instead on how to do so more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Microsoft is committed to working with them to deepen the understanding of this fast-moving technology and to help structure frameworks that ensure its secure application.

Transforming digital continuity: Enhancing IT resilience through cloud computing

Transforming digital continuity: Enhancing IT resilience through cloud computing

How cloud computing can help maintain government services, building on the Estonian example

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Transforming government: Cloud policy framework for innovation, security, and resilience

Summary of the Whitepaper updating government security programs and policies to adapt to the cloud environment

Microsoft publishes guide for secure and efficient integration of cloud services into government operations

Microsoft publishes guide for secure and efficient integration of cloud services into government operations

Digital Geneva Convention

Pervasiveness of technology is precariously dependent on the stability of the online environment and on users’ trust in the security of cyberspace. Microsoft believes that establishing international cybersecurity norms – rules of behavior for countries in cyberspace - is an essential step towards maintaining that trust and stability.

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From articulation to implementation: Enabling progress on cybersecurity norms

Whitepaper moving global dialogue toward the implementation of cybersecurity norms

Governments and APTs: The need for norms

Governments and APTs: The need for norms

Whitepaper highlighting how to achieve persistent security in an age of persistent and evolving cyber threats

Digital Geneva Convention – Reducing Conflict in an Internet-Dependent World

Digital Geneva Convention: Reducing conflict in an internet-dependent world

Why norms are needed to protect against the consequences and risks of cyberwarfare

Cybercrime legislation and strategy

Modern cybercrime is a global enterprise. Microsoft recognizes that fact and engages in worldwide legislative and enforcement efforts. This work helps drive consistency and coordination for more effective enforcement and deterrence, identify innovations to defeat criminals, and minimize the impact of cybercrime on our customers.

Modern cybercrime policy

Modern Cybercrime Policy

Why the international nature of 21st century cybercrime requires a strategic, global response

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Microsoft’s cybersecurity policy team partners with governments and policymakers around the world, blending technical acumen with legal and policy expertise. By identifying strategic issues, assessing the impacts of policies and regulations, leading by example, and driving groundbreaking research, we help to promote a more secure online environment.