Building an effective national cybersecurity agency

Cybersecurity Policy and ResilienceWhite paper

Today, many governments are working to adopt, review, or implement national cybersecurity strategies, policies, laws, regulations or other national approaches. To support the implementation of these, countries have considered the development of a central cybersecurity agency or a similar body to help manage their efforts.

Allowing for many different forms that a national cybersecurity agency can take, our experiences of working with governments around the world indicate that there are some particularly effective approaches to structuring them. These include approaches to how they are structured operationally, how their roles are viewed, and which responsibilities they are assigned. The five recommendations for structuring an effective national cybersecurity agency are:

  • Appoint a single national cybersecurity agency
  • Provide the national cybersecurity agency with a clear mandate
  • Ensure the national cybersecurity agency has appropriate statutory powers
  • Implement a five-part organizational structure
  • Expect to evolve and adapt

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    About Microsoft's Cybersecurity Policy Team

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