• First-class computer science education

    "Outagamie County is delighted that Microsoft is investing in six of our local high schools. This has potential to transform our local economy by giving students access to first-class computer science education and engaging business and community leaders at the same time.”

    Thomas Nelson, Outagamie County Executive, WI

  • A critical component

    “The TEALS program is a critical component to our workforce development initiative. We are focused on establishing career pathways for youth and young adults and support county school children enrolled in the TEALS programs, feeding students directly into our local businesses.”

    Armond Budish, Cuyahoga County Executive, OH

  • TEALS leveled the playing field

    “Regardless of their economic background, every kid deserves to be exposed to every opportunity they can, equally. TEALS leveled the playing field. And to anyone who thinks they can’t offer CS in their school or financially support it, look at our little school and know you can.”

    Ty Gafford, Principal, Altavista Combined School, VA