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Diversity & Inclusion Report

Our 2023 Global Diversity & Inclusion Report measures progress on our commitments to increase representation and strengthen a culture of inclusion at Microsoft.
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Bold in our vision, unwavering in our focus

At Microsoft, diversity and inclusion is central to our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Innovation Spotlights

Global strategy, local implementation

The vast diversity of cultures, communities, and community concerns presents an opportunity to advance D&I on a global scale, while also remaining contextually relevant at the local level.

Inclusion from the start

For Microsoft employees, the expectations, opportunities, and impact of an inclusive workplace culture start from the first day, whether they’re hired externally or join as part of an acquisition.

Self-expression in our products

People do their best work when they can be themselves and feel accepted for who they are. Self-expression tools in Microsoft 365 help users better connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Innovative learning

We create tailored, customized, expert - and community–informed D&I learning so that employees can deepen their understanding and take intentional action for meaningful progress.

D&I Core Priority

We expect everyone to actively participate in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. We ask all employees to set an annual performance and development goal related to D&I, known as the D&I Core Priority.

AI and D&I

As the pace of innovation and potential for AI grows, we’re focusing on how we advance the state of AI across a range of social and economic contexts while also being inclusive.
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Continued progress

Data has been critical to helping us quantify and understand our efforts and impact since we began documenting our diversity and inclusion progress in 2014.

Representation and inclusion

This past year we made representation progress across various categories, for many of the communities highlighted in our report*. Yet we have more work to do.
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Racial Equity Initiative

We’re committed to addressing racial injustice through our Racial Equity Initiative, announced in June 2020 for our core US Microsoft business.
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Pay equity

Equitable pay for substantially similar work is one of the core principles of Microsoft's compensation programs.

Pay equity highlights

Our pay equity analysis* accounts for factors, like job, title, level, and tenure in support of our commitment to pay employees equitably for substantially similar work. As of September 2023:
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Self-identification in the US

As the Microsoft workforce grows, we continue to look for opportunities to expand how employees can self-identify.

Self-identification, US and globally

When employees opt to participate in self-ID, the data helps us create a more inclusive experience for employees, informing principled program decisions on benefits, resourcing, and support.
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More than just numbers

We leverage data so that we can deepen our understanding of our workforce and identify where additional efforts are needed. We focus on measuring what matters.

2023 data highlights

The data* shows our steadfast commitment to the D&I work is yielding positive change. We will continue to push ourselves to understand more, share more, and do more.

*Data on this page is reflective of our core Microsoft business, which represents 83.8% of our broader Microsoft workforce and excludes minimally integrated companies.

A mission-driven priority

Our diversity and inclusion reports document our data, progress, and inclusion journey. With each report, we renew our commitment to our mission to consciously, intentionally include everyone.

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