Domain Name System (DNS) Service Product Operations Guide

This guide has been repackaged and rereleased for easier downloading. The material itself has not been updated since its publication in 2003. The guide describes processes and procedures for improving the management of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Domain Name System (DNS) Service in your infrastructure.
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      The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Product Operations Guides (POGs) provide processes and procedures for improving the management of various Microsoft technologies. These guides continue to provide value for users, but because they were developed in 2003, they contain some outdated content. Visit the MOF home page to access newer, more relevant content, and learn more about how MOF 4.0 can save you time and money.

      The DNS guide is divided into six chapters. The first chapter provides basic background information. The second chapter provides a high-level checklist of the tasks required for maintaining this product. The third chapter takes a more detailed look at the tasks described in the maintenance chapter. The fourth chapter organizes tasks by the MOF role cluster responsible for each task. The fifth chapter provides information about common troubleshooting techniques for the Windows Server 2003 DNS Service. The sixth chapter addresses audit logging behavior that applies to the DNS Service provided with Windows Server 2003.

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  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

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