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3 min read

Achieving personalized engagement in Business to Business organizations 

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape looks drastically different than it used to, thanks to digital acceleration that has reached every corner of our lives. Today’s B2B buyers, accustomed to fast, frictionless, and personalized experiences in their everyday lives, bring those heightened expectations to their roles as business decision-makers in enterprises large and small.
4 min read

Dynamics 365 Field Service named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ 

Field service is evolving quickly and changes in technology have made a quantum leap forward in customer engagement, elevating frontline worker effectiveness and optimizing service operations. New technologies and advanced analytics are reshaping field service to dramatically improve service levels, personalize the customer experience, increase productivity, and enhance perceived value.
6 min read

The importance of empathy in customer service 

The pandemic has been challenging in many ways. It has impacted nearly every facet of our lives with disruptions in supply chains, millions furloughed, and much more. Despite such, the pandemic was positive in one regard—it tested our capacity to come together and innovate—and frankly, we soared on so many levels.
2 min read

Use guided integration to set up Fraud Protection for your business 

To help simplify the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection integration process, we have added a guided experience. We have included out-of-the-box snippets and step-by-step instructions that can be started from within the product. The guided processes are interactive and provide step-by-step integration instructions, including information about why something is required.