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Dynamics 365 Guides

Enhance remote collaboration and empower employees with mixed-reality instructions

Improve productivity with frontline guidance

Use mixed reality to provide detailed guidance when and where you need it
  • Solve problems and resolve issues in real time with expert eyes on the task at hand.
  • Author guides specific to your organization that ensure compliance even in the most complex and critical day-to-day processes.
    A female engineer wearing a vr headset and safety vest examines a mechanical part in an industrial setting.
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Empower your teams with Guides

Make Teams calls and annotate in 3D

Connect with anyone, anywhere, and allow them to annotate in your physical world.

Access Teams calendars and join meetings

Call people directly from Microsoft HoloLens 2, add participants to a call, or join a scheduled meeting from Guides.

Open shared files from Teams and OneDrive

Share files as holograms and review information in the context of the work.

View screens as holographic windows

View desktop screens that colleagues share during Teams calls, resize the window, and place them anywhere in your space.

Use step-by-step holographic guidance

Guide employees through any procedure while they work.

Align 3D content to the physical world

Use object anchors with 3D content to automatically align it to the physical world, saving time and increasing clarity.

Gain insights with Microsoft Power BI

Analyze performance data to maximize operational efficiency.

View and complete work orders

Complete any task, from initiation to completion, with a fluid workflow using Guides with Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Capture photos and videos

Record real-world procedures and holographic material to add to a guide or share with an expert using an AR headset.

Businesses are transforming with mixed reality

Learn how remote assistance and informed guidance lead to smoother operations and clear ROI.
Improved training productivity
Reduced training materials costs
Improved field technician productivity

Empower employees with Guides

Dynamics 365 Guides is available as a standalone application or as part of any Field Service license.

See how customers excel by expanding their toolkit


Help your team achieve more with Guides

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