Dynamics AX 2012 Brings Advanced Agility to Kent Watersports Family of Companies

Kent Watersports goes to market with some of the most valuable brands of watersports products in the industry, including O’Brien, Liquid Force, HO, Connelly, and Hyperlite.

Kent Watersports is implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, replacing a number of legacy systems. Microsoft Dynamics AX will be the ERP solution for all six organizations within the Kent Watersports family of companies. Sharon Zimmer, Corporate Vice President, Systems and Technology, says, "We wanted a solution that would stay current with evolving innovation from a vendor that was also a strong technology leader. With that in mind, we were ready to bet our future on Microsoft continuing to be a powerful technology leader. For us, Microsoft is the partner and Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ERP system that can continue to move forward with us."

Some of the key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Kent Watersports:

  • Simplified technology management: "I can help more people and go home feeling like I really accomplished my job," Zimmer comments. "In fitting Microsoft Dynamics AX to our business, there's nothing I can think of where I won't be able to say, 'Yes, we can make that happen.'" A small team of four IT professionals will support the solution and its users in the six Kent Watersports companies. Because the team has the skills to configure and manage the Microsoft technology, it will no longer be necessary to incur the delays and costs of custom programming by hard-to-find contractors who know their way around the legacy technologies.
  • More efficiency and agility in business operations: "By using Microsoft Dynamics AX, we have many different ways to gain efficiencies and improve operations," says Zimmer. "Because of this we anticipate being able to grow and evolve without a lot of additional headcount."
  • More value in key relationships: Kent Watersports will set up the ERP system to closely follow the business interests of customers and business partners. Our customers and business partners around the globe will be able to get information immediately," explains Zimmer. Providing our vendors with instant access to order information and shipping details means we will be able to respond more quickly to our customers' needs."

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