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How Disney's Big Hero 6 Illustrates What Big Data Can Do For Marketing

Big Hero 6, 2014’s academy award winner for best animated feature film, centers on a boy named Hiro and his inflatable robot Baymax. It’s not your average corporate training video. But bear with us a moment, because hidden in this kid-centric action flick are five ways big data can do wonders for your marketing strategy.

1. Have meaningful one-on-one conversations. Let’s begin with the original intent behind our Disney robot. Baymax was created to function as a personal medical assistant. Simply by reacting to pain, its owner would come to the robot’s attention.

In the same way, big data helps you speak to each of your customers through their own preferred channels of communication. Whether customers are searching for products similar to yours online, engaging in chat with one of your customer service representatives, or emailing you about your products, you’ll know about it and be able to meet their needs in a flash.

2. Keep in touch. Big data doesn’t just mean gathering information on trends or general sentiment, it also means collecting important data on individuals and providing proactive feedback. Similar to how Baymax immediately performs a health scan when activated, gathering insights on the preferences of your existing and prospective clients is a fantastic way to meet their unique needs right from the beginning.

Having data on the products each customer has already purchased gives your predictive analytic software the power to detect individual tastes. This way, you’ll always know which of your customers might like to hear about certain new products.

3. Take everybody’s temperature. At one point in Big Hero 6, Baymax has its sensors greatly enhanced, allowing it to instantly detect the needs of thousands of people at once. This is the power of social listening technology. With it, you’re able to see at a glance how your message is being received across multiple channels. If you’re outperforming expectations on one social network but need more impact on another, you’ll know where to reallocate funds to maximize your return on investment (ROI) across the board.

4. Adapt quickly. In a move reminiscent of The Matrix, Baymax instantly learns martial arts when a new memory card is inserted. By identifying sales trends that you might otherwise not be able to detect, big data allows you to refocus your campaigns quickly, maximizing on even the strangest of trends.

5. You are not alone. Baymax isn’t the only awesome member of the Big Hero 6 team. Working in tandem with Hiro, the robot is capable of much more than it is alone. By sharing big data between marketing and sales, you’ll open up new opportunities for both departments. If your sales team has access to your marketing data, they’ll know why they’re suddenly selling tons more shorts than pants. Likewise, customer input from sales will bolster your marketing team’s existing data, leading to even better campaigns down the line.

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