Read the Forrester Report: Define New Metrics for Digital Business Success

 In a recent webinar available on-demand, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Nigel Fenwick revealed that digital predators (those organizations moving farther the fastest when it comes to digital transformation) have one thing in common: customer obsession. And this even translates to the metrics they’re measuring…

In the research note Define New Metrics for Digital Business Success, Forrester analysts advise that the performance metrics that have and continue to serve IT teams well aren’t necessarily the best to measure digital transformation performance and success.

Instead, to fully measure the impact of digital transformation, executives must first look at the world through their customers’ eyes. They must adopt a customer-obsessed operating model which requires businesses and organizations to be:

  • Customer-led

  • Insights-driven

  • Fast

  • Connected.

This research note, authored by Forrester principal analysts Nigel Fenwick, Tim Sheedy and others, navigates the change needed and provides the key indicators plus 12 customer-focused metrics organizations need to begin monitoring and measuring today in the Age of the Customer.

Download the report which provides strategic recommendations from Forrester.

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