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Dynamics 365

How to turn your field service operations into a profit center

Field service technicians may be the most overlooked marketing and sales resource you’ve got. After all, once you’ve successfully landed the account, who gets more face time with the customer than the tech responsible for installing and maintaining the customer’s solution?

That’s why your chances for repeat business and referrals greatly depend on how the field service techs represent your brand. Missing even the smallest detail can be a big customer turn-off, which could push customers to take their business elsewhere.

Your techs are already working extremely hard to make customers happy, which is why they need your help to reach their full potential. It begins by changing how you think about the field service organization, and making sure all your people, but especially those in the field, have the right tools for the job. Here are a few steps you can take to get started today:

Determine brand value and demonstrate its worth

What should come to mind when customers think of us? What do our field service techs do better than anyone else? Where can we improve? Answering those questions will help you stand apart from the competition and make it easier for techs to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Align sales and marketing

You have a great story to tell about your company, but what difference does it make if sales and marketing are out of sync? You need to make sure that sales, marketing, and field service are on the same page. That starts by having regular meetings where they can talk to one another and offer feedback—on the good and on what needs work. They should also work together whenever possible, sharing content and agreeing on common revenue goals.

Keep field service techs focused on productivity

Field service technicians’ jobs are about solving customers’ problems as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can reach their next appointment on time. Mobile apps, the Internet of Things and tools like Dynamics 365 can help them anticipate and address performance issues before they become problems. They integrate scheduling and inventory into a seamless process and optimize routes, so technicians can get more done faster.

Adopt a customer-centric mindset

For all of the advances in analytics and field service automation, offering attentive, top-notch customer service is still the number one job of any technician. Technicians with the know-how, a friendly demeanor, and professional mindset will continue to help you stand out and excel at finding new business opportunities. With the right tools and support, you can get their help in turning your field service organization into a profit center.

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