Video series: Transform field service with Dynamics 365

Field Technologies Online reported that 53 percent of field service organizations cite ensuring mobile workers are operating at optimal efficiency and productivity as their number one challenge. This pain point bleeds into other challenges, including the respondents second largest concern of meeting growing customer demands and expectations at 46 percent. These two challenges make sense since customer expectations will continue to be a challenge as long as your field service organization is not at optimal performance.

Improving the first-time fix was also a challenge for 30 percent of the survey respondents, which affects technician productivity and of course, customer satisfaction. 25.5 percent of respondents also reported having issues standardizing processes and technologies.

Poor productivity affects first-time fix rates and vice versa, and both affect customer satisfaction. Plus, if all three are in a state of flux, standardizing processes is next to impossible.

It’s time to transform field service

Find out how to transform your field service operations with five new videos from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Learn how to transform your field service organization into a highly productive and customer-pleasing machine. Obtain greater insight into connected field service and how to perform predictive maintenance with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn how to empower technicians with a scheduling hub and access to real-time information, including mixed reality, to improve first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

So sit back, relax and see how Dynamics 365 for Field Service can work for you.

First, start your journey with the Transform Field Service video. This will teach you how to reinvent field service. Learn what happens when world-class capabilities converge with powerful machine learning, mixed reality, and IoT to transform not just field service, but your entire organization.

Your next stop is all about the customer in the Deliver Positive Customer Experiences video. Learn how field service can enhance customer interactions and increase customer engagement. See what IoT alerts are all about and how self-service portals can increase transparency, reduce onsite visits, and boost customer satisfaction.

Next, watch the Modern Tools for Proactive Solutions video. This explains how predictive maintenance, coupled with IoT and Office 365, can reduce costs and energize customer engagement. Recreate your break/fix service model to the sleek and efficient outcome-based model.

Learn how to optimize resources to improve service quality to the delight of your customers. The Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Smart Resources video shows you how a centralized scheduling hub empowers technicians with real-time information, reducing service time and enhancing customer satisfaction. In addition, see how AI can intelligently match work orders to available technicians according to skills, location, and other criteria to reduce downtime and enhance the customer experience.

The Empower Technicians with World Class Tools video is the last leg of your journey. This will show you how to leverage mobile throughout your field service operations. Watch as Azure IoT, machine learning, mixed reality, and Office 365 are united, empowering field service technicians with remote access to resources to successfully resolve issues.

These five short videos are a digital road trip designed to fuel your imagination in modernizing your field service organization. In minutes, you’ll learn how to improve efficiencies, create delightful customer experiences, and increase customer engagement.

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