Smarter sales planning with LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales

It comes as no surprise that today’s world is driving a seismic shift in B2B sales. Customers are rapidly adopting digital buying behavior, and sellers are feeling the pressure to reinvent themselves. Organizations must commit to empowering and enabling their sellers if they want to adapt to the new landscape and remain resilient in their markets. Companies that are successfully navigating selling today are doing two key things:  

  • Working smarter: streamlining and scaling sales activities with powerful digital tools.
  • Being more strategic: leveraging sales operation roles to focus sales teams on the next critical steps to win accounts with the most opportunity.

While digital selling and optimized sales operations are important for helping sales teams orient their efforts in the post-pandemic marketplace, they are only as good as the data they rely on. New opportunities and new pockets of growth are missed if your data is stale or inaccurate. Compiling that data manually takes time, and trusted and reliable data can be hard to find.  

Equipping sellers with reliable, actionable, and relevant real-time data is essential if sellers are going to embrace relationship selling and make the most of the time they have available with customers. Confidence in the “next best steps” and clear direction are what sellers need to turn an opportunity into a victory.  

Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Solutions bring the human touch to digital experiences

Microsoft already brings Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator together, enabling sellers to deliver more personalized and meaningful engagement with customers. By providing a unified view of data, Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator work in tandem to: 

  • Empower sellers to find key decision makers
  • Keep sellers connected to buyers
  • Reduce sales friction

Together, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Solutions ensure sellers can build deep, trusted relationships with buyers, and deliver the authentic and personalized engagement that today’s buyers demand.

Introducing LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales

In February, LinkedIn announced the general availability of LinkedIn Sales Insights, a new product in the LinkedIn Sales Solutions portfolio that is powered by over 740 million members on LinkedIn to help sales organizations identify and size potential opportunities, get a clearer view of the market, and plan more confidently. With this integration, customers who integrate Sales Insights into Dynamics 365 Sales can feel more confident about their sales planning in knowing that their CRM is powered by the reliable, trusted, and aggregated data produced by LinkedIn Sales Insights.

By bringing together aggregated data at scale with powerful tools that reveal actionable insights, teams are focused, productive, and successful. Intelligent automation that leverages the depth and accuracy of buyer records from LinkedIn helps sellers strategically engage, develop connections, and turn relationships into revenue. With LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365, you can expect:

  • Account planning and prioritization—with LinkedIn Sales Insights, company information can be brought into Dynamics 365 Sales to help more confidently plan and prioritize knowing the data powering your CRM is reliable.

With LinkedIn Sales Insights, company information can be brought into Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Harvesting opportunities within existing accounts is simpler and far easier with integrated tools that keep a pulse on key accounts.

Integrated tools monitor growth trends and develop company and role-based personas

  • Opportunities are more accurately evaluated by drilling down into size and growth of specific company departments, functions, and job titles to more accurately size opportunities.

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Together, LinkedIn Sales Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support stronger relationships and an increased pipeline by delivering the most current data with powerful intelligence and tools to make sales teams even more customer-centric.

LinkedIn Sales Insights can help your team harness the power of reliable data. Learn more about LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 and discover how it can help transform your sales planning.

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