How to manually produce an item at the time of a sales order

This content covers a business scenario of producing a sellable item at the time of sales order creation. This is a common practice in some companies where they sell a finished product, but do not keep any stock of it in the warehouse. In other words the finished product will be produced on demand.

The business scenario this is as follows:-

  1. A customer requests an item
  2. The sales order created for the finished “sellable” product
  3. Generate a production order linked to sales order to consume the raw material and produce the finished product.



In order to execute this process, create a sales order for finished goods “Bagged”, then go to Product and supply button and select Production order.


Create production order form will popup, press OK to create the production order.

In the production order go to Order details, and select BOM.

In the BOM form, enter the quantities which will be consumed from the Bulk item

Then press, Estimate, and End the production order.

Infolog indicate the consumption of bulk item, and produce the bagged item.

The on hand quantity of the bagged item are stocked in the warehouse and could be released from the sales order.


In the next blog post will cover the same business scenario with automation in production order creation.