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How to get OData URLs with company names that contain forward slashes

Customers who want to consume Dynamics NAV data with OData in Microsoft Excel and have company names such as CRONUS A/G or CRONUS Danmark A/S may find it difficult or result in an error. When connecting to an OData feed from Excel, this does not work unless you don’t specify a Company Name in the connection string and set the company as a “Services Default Company” on the Dynamics NAV Server instance.

In other words, if you have multiple companies that have “A/S” as part of the company name in the same database and only one Dynamics NAV Server instance are unable to connect from Excel.

By default, an OData URL would look something like this:


Here’s how to get the connection to work: Include the company name into the query string instead of the OData path:


Another example with a filter:

https://demoserver.domain.com:7048/DynamicsNAV110/ODataV4/SalesOrder?company=’CRONUS%20Danmark%20A%2FS’&$filter=Document_Type eq ‘Order’ and No eq ‘1256’ and Bill_to_Name eq ‘ABC/D’

This workaround also applies to other applications and not just Microsoft Excel.

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Mohamad Vajid
Microsoft Dynamics NAV