Docs for the Russian local functionality for Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can get Dynamics 365 Business Central in many countries and regions across the world, including Russia. This includes access to context-sensitive Help articles for the base app. But the Learn more links on tooltips for those pages and fields that are part of the local functionality in the Russian version have not been working.

This is because there was no Help to link to for historical reasons. But now there is! We’re delighted to announce that Awara IT have helped us create Help for the local functionality in the Russian version!

Screenshot of landing page for Russian local functionality.

Collaboration process

As part of our collaboration, two people from Awara IT submitted pull requests to our GitHub repo with the source files for the Help. Now for the complicated: We have a public GitHub repo for all languages that Microsoft translates into. But the repo is particular because it’s the twin of our source repo. Our actual source files are in a private repo. This helps us manage the content on the site. We have a script that pulls any contributions from the public repo to the private repo. And from there, we have now published to the site:

The content is available in English only at this point in time. Awara IT have also submitted the content in Russian, and we are now getting that ready for publishing.

Why the delay? Because we have to fit the content into our existing translation processes where English is the starting point. Also still pending is the work to hook up the Help with the page objects, but we’re getting there bit by bit.


This would not have been possible without our collaboration with the smart people at Awara IT. They suggested it, and I was delighted to finally close a gap that we have had in the Help for a long time. This shows the strength of the Dynamics 365 Business Central community and our collective dedication to the success of our customers.

My special thanks go to Aliia Salikhova and Diana Malina from Awara IT. With their pull requests, we have now proven that the collaboration process works. Good work, great collaboration, and a fully transparent process – this is the Dynamics 365 Business Central community at work!