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The flowchart diagrams feature in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) is planned for deprecation

The flowchart diagrams feature in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) is planned for deprecation


Why is this being deprecated?

Based on user feedback, the flowchart diagrams feature does not generate detailed visual graphics. In addition, the activities shape options are limited, lacking both modern design and capability. This has resulted in low usage and adoption of the flowchart diagrams. We are not planning to invest more in this legacy design but are looking into creating a solution that better aligns with the mainstream tools.

When is this being deprecated?

The flowchart diagrams feature is expected to be removed by early February 2020, which is why we wanted to communicate this to our users now.

What will not be changed?

This deprecation is only for the flowchart component within BPM, it will not affect regular BPM usage with task recordings or Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT). Also, there is no impact on the Visio diagrams that have been uploaded. You will still have access to any unconnected Visio diagrams that you’ve uploaded, and you will be able to upload new Visio diagrams.

What will be changed?

When flowcharts are deprecated, the following functionality will be removed:

  • Existing flowcharts will be unavailable for viewing or editing. Also, the shape properties associated with flowchart activities will be unavailable because the entire Flowchart tab will be removed. These flowcharts include the default flowcharts that are automatically generated, as well as customized flowcharts that are modified based on those default flowcharts.
  • The legacy fit/gap analysis feature will be unavailable. This means that a gap list will not be automatically created or available for export. Note that this feature has already been deprecated and replaced by Microsoft Azure DevOps integrations.
  • Version history of the flowchart will be unavailable.

While the content of the process steps from the task recorder upload will remain available, this content will move to the new Recording tab next to the Overview tab. The Recording tab will include process steps, usage characteristics, and videos, if available. You will be able to edit the process steps, but a gap list will not be created for the changes.

What are the actions you can take now?

If you want to keep any of the BPM flowcharts, use the Export function to export them as Microsoft Visio files before this feature is deprecated.

Follow these steps to export a flowchart as a Visio file:

  1. Sign in to LCS, open a project, and then select Business process modeler.
  2. In the My libraries section, select a library to display the contents.
  3. Expand the library, and then select any library node that has a flowchart icon associated with it. The flowchart is shown.
  4. Right-click the flowchart to show the app bar, and then select Export.
  5. A download file will be created that you can open or save.

What happens if you do not export a flowchart that you intended to keep?

If you did not export the flowcharts that you intend to keep, they will not be accessible from the BPM libraries after the flowchart diagrams feature has been deprecated.

Please provide us with comments or questions.