Improve packing efficiency with the Warehouse Management mobile app

Traditionally, warehouse workers pack items for shipment at a specific packing station, using a process that’s optimized to ship small and medium-sized parcels. To improve packing efficiency when working in larger areas and with larger items, the Warehouse Management mobile app in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management now provides a mobile packing experience that gives workers the freedom to move around while performing packing activities.

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Flexibility improves packing efficiency

The packing flow in the Warehouse Management mobile app includes three main processes:

  • Identifying the items to pack
  • Creating and identifying the containers to pack the items into
  • Closing the containers to finalize the packing process
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To provide for more flexibility, you can easily embed the container creation and closing processes in any packing operation step using a detour. The same applies to look-up requirements (for example, when not able to scan an item barcode label) by querying data using mobile app detours.

To improve packing efficiency even more, you can configure the packing process to automatically print a container label from the mobile app. Workers can apply the label to the container to ease the packing validation process when they are packing items into the container.

Next steps

To learn more, read the documentation: Packing containers with the Warehouse Management mobile app | Microsoft Learn

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