New email signature features in Customer Service improve agent productivity

An email signature concludes an email with style, professionalism, and branding. Customer service agents need to use their signature when emailing customers. Each agent has a distinctive style, however, and enforcing a standard pattern can be a challenge. With two new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can create signatures for your agents that consistently represent your organization’s brand and messaging.

Include dynamic content in a common email signature

We have added the ability to include dynamic placeholders in email signatures. Now you can easily create a common signature for multiple agents.

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Dynamic signatures eliminate the need to maintain multiple signatures while bringing consistency to how agents sign off their emails. You no longer have to manually check to make sure agents are using a consistent pattern or train new agents to use a specific signature. With the magic of dynamic placeholders, agent information is automatically inserted with their signature.

Link an email signature to a queue to ensure consistent messaging

Agents often send email from a queue or a shared mailbox. Having a common signature in this scenario is necessary for most contact centers. Now it is possible to link a signature to a queue.

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If you don’t want to link a signature to your queues, Dynamics 365 will continue to use the signature template of the queue owner.

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