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Printing Labels Using External Service with Dynamics 365 – Warehouse Management

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Barcodes and shipping labels are essential components in the supply chain landscape. They play a vital role in ensuring accurate inventory management, product tracking, and streamlining processes. Shipping labels are particularly important for navigating shipments complex global supply chains while maintaining end-to-end traceability. QR codes have also become a valuable tool for companies to engage customers and track their products worldwide.

With the 10.0.34 release, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become even more robust, offering seamless integrations with third-party labelling solutions out-of-the-box.

Microsoft has partnered with Seagull Scientific BarTender® and Loftware NiceLabel to enhance core Dynamics 365 SCM labeling capabilities and alleviate common pain points faced by many organizations. 

This enhancement further strengthens the capabilities of SCM in managing barcodes and shipping labels effectively.

This feature enables direct interaction between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and third-party solutions by providing a framework for communicating via HTTP APIs, without requiring the Document Routing Agent (DRA).

What capabilities does this unlock? 

Integrating third-party labelling solutions  is important for several reasons:

  • Label design: It provides user-friendly interfaces for designing custom labels, allowing businesses to create labels that meet their specific requirements and comply with industry standards. It includes possibilities to design labels with barcode or QR codes.

  • Printer compatibility: These labelling solutions support a wide range of printers, enabling businesses to print labels on various devices without compatibility issues. This flexibility ensures that labels can be printed efficiently and accurately, regardless of the printer being used.

  • Automation: It offers automation capabilities, allowing businesses to streamline their labelling processes and reduce manual intervention. By integrating with Dynamics 365 SCM, businesses can automate label printing based on specific triggers or events within the SCM system.

  • Centralized management: It provides centralized management tools that enable businesses to control and monitor their entire labelling process from a single location. Integration with Dynamics 365 SCM ensures that businesses can manage their supply chain and labelling operations cohesively.

  • RFID technology support: It support RFID encoding for various RFID tag types and frequencies, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of RFID systems as well as management of RFID-enabled labels for enhanced tracking and data management

In conclusion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM now provides a quick and simple method for linking Dynamics 365 SCM to many of the most popular enterprise labeling platforms. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM’s seamless integration and flexible configuration options, implementation is a pain-free and rapid. It allows for a a seamless flow of communication and transactions to optimize your printing workflow.

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