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Dynamics AX 2009 – A negative receipt is not allowed on a Project PO – How to address this situation

Consider the following scenario

You receive 10 pcs on a Project Purchase Order in AX2009

You find out later that you should have actually received 9 pcs

However, if you wish to return the 1 pcs and you enter a negative qty in the ‘Receive now’ field under the Quantity tab on the Purchase Order you receive the following error message

‘A negative amount is not allowed’

– preventing this entry

This message is due to a change which was introduced with KB 2524393(included in RU8) where restrictions were inserted on doing a partial project return on an existing purchase order line. This change was introduced to avoid a scenario that could result in that the LotID in the table projitemtrans was not filled and the cost not correctly recorded in the table projitemtranscost. The recommendation is therefore if you have a negative receipt to add a new Purchase Order line with the qty you wish to back out

However, there are times when it is preferable to keep the existing purchase order line – for example to enable easier reconciliation with a Vendor invoice if the PO line qty was entered accidentally. If you add a new line, this will be printed on the PO invoice from AX

To address this situation we propose the following approach

On your existing PO line press the buttons Functions/Deliver Remainder button and enter your negative qty and press ‘OK’

The deliver remainder field on the PO line is updated to -1

You can now proceed to make your PO receipt(packingslip) update and mark the order as ‘Closed’ so the system will think the PO was for 9 pcs

When you proceed to invoice the Project PO, you invoice will show an order for 9 pcs