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Dynamics 365
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How to get more information from an error message

At times, you can run into a situation where you are performing a certain operation in AX and you get an error – however, at times the error message might not be descriptive enough to actually guide you to understand what the problem you encountered was or how to fix it. For example somebody might contact you and tell you that they are doing a certain operation and it results in a particular error message like ‘A critical error occurred when posting a transaction’. Since you may not have the environment at hand to reproduce the error yourself and debug it an effective approach to find out what exactly lies behind the error message is to search in the Label editor for the error.

1. Go to the AOT (Ctrl + D from the application)

2. In the AOT go to Tools/Label and select Label editor

3. In the label editor search for the text in the error message

Then when you have found the message press the ‘Used by’ button to see where the error is generated

In this case let’s imagine the error occurred when posting an inventory journal, so we will have a look at \Classes\InventMov_Journal\journalPostTrans and we can see the following code where the error message label is written into the code and the logic there indicates the problem has to do with a missing or incorrect voucher assignment

Note: If you do not get any results back by pressing ‘Used By’ in the Label editor it is most likely due to that you have not updated crossreferences in the system. You can either do this or just search through the AOT for the labelID