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Uploading large files from the Web client

If like me you’ve been tinkering with your Lumia 1020 smartphone and snapping some high-resolution photos over the holidays, you may be wondering whether Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 can handle such large photo sizes on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

Let’s say you want to capture photos of your product catalogue (using the Photo action on the Item card). When uploading large files such as high-resolution photos, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will show the following error:

The file that you are trying to use is too large. Clearly. Whilst Microsoft Dynamics NAV defaults to 4MB uploads on the Web client, you will be pleased to hear it takes just a minor tweak to your IIS configuration to support larger file uploads:

  1. Launch the IIS Configuration Manager (in this example I am using IIS 8 but similar steps apply to earlier versions).
  2. Select the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web site in the left pane and then double-click Request Filtering.
  3. Right-click and select Edit Feature Settings… in the context menu.
  4. Set field Maximum allowed content length to an appropriate value such as 100000000 (in bytes) and click OK.
  5. Now select the Microsoft Dynamics NAV web site in the left pane again and double-click the Configuration Editor.
  6. Make sure that the From field is set to “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Web Client Web.config”
  7. Set field Section to system.web/httpRuntime
  8. A number of properties should appear. Set maxRequestLength to an appropriate value such as 100000 (this time it is in kilobytes) and click the Apply action on the right.

The new settings should take effect immediately without the need for an IIS or site reset.

Go ahead and try to upload a large file now and BANG! the upload succeeds.