Using financial dimensions with Lean manufacturing

There’s a little trick, or rather, limitation, to using financial dimensions with Lean Manufacturing. You can get the dimensions to come through for most everything in the process by using the correct setup, having the right defaults on the products, etc. However, you might have noticed that some of your costs at the end of the process are not coming through with dimensions attached to them.

The problem here is that the indirect cost calculation in Lean is not aware of the finished product to which it is contributing its costs. This can be solved only partially by approximating that the finished good is equal to the item assigned to the kanban that triggered the indirect cost calculation. But in case of multilevel boms with semi-finished items this will lead to inaccurate results (i.e. the indirect costs will be assigned to the dimension of the semi-finished product instead of the finished product).
The only certain set of dimensions that can be assigned is the one coming from the production flow.

Because of this, you will not be able to have financial dimensions appear properly on Lean manufactured items. They will appear on most transactions, however, the indirect costs on multi-level BOMs will not appear as you would expect.