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Customer Engagement Facilities

Microsoft’s Customer Engagement Team delivers experiential engagements and business outcome-driven discussions to empower customers to reach their transformation goals. Our offerings integrate business and technical content, experiences and discussions to inspire opportunities across the customer journey.


Executive Briefing Center

The Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Redmond offers executive-level engagement with Microsoft engineering, sales, industry and business function leadership to collaborate on digital transformational opportunities with our customers. Executive Briefings inspire customers through examples of Microsoft’s technology and thought-leadership, immersive demos and presentations of real-life customer solutions.

Experience Centers

Experience Centers are our newest type of customer engagement facility. These centers house a portfolio of programs along with a robust collection of offerings to enable deeper engagement with our partners and customers across industries. In addition to housing the local Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), Experience Centers offer an Executive Briefing Program scaled from the Redmond Executive Briefing Center (EBC) – bringing together some of Microsoft’s best engagement offerings under one roof.

Industry Experience Center

The Industry Experience Center (IEC) provides a differentiated executive touchpoint that illustrates Microsoft’s commitment to industry through immersive experiences and storytelling across our priority verticals. Experiences at the IEC showcase real-life solutions to today’s challenges and demonstrate how Microsoft technologies can be utilized across a variety of industry use-cases.
London experience zone - wide shot of an area with dark wood walls, light wood floor, containing demonstration props such as a bright blue industrial pump and a telemedicine machine on casters.

Microsoft Technology Centers

Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) empower digital transformation and business outcomes through immersive experiences and deep technical engagements. MTC engagements are led by Technical Architects who have established credibility in IT and solution sales skills.
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